StarFall Comics

StarFall had been dead in the water since 2002, when it promised to undergo a revival. That, as can be guessed, didn't happen. But now, almost a decade later, things are looking up. New stories are being posted to rec.arts.comics.creative, and more are in the works.

We've gone ahead and completely rebooted the universe; almost none of the stories posted for StarFall before 2010 have any bearing on anything published after that.

StarFall Comics is seeking new blood!

In an effort to boost the number of writers, StarFall is opening our doors to new writers. Please contact StarFall founder/editor-in-chief Ted Brock if you have an idea for a title that may fit into the new StarFall.

A setting info document is available for those who wish to write for us.

Artist(s) Wanted!

StarFall is seeking a freelance artist or two in order to aid the web design. The idea is that while the current staff are writers, only one of us - Robin Strickland - is any good as an artist, and he can't contribute as much as he'd like. (The new logo in the top corners is his work.)

So, if you're interested, we'd love to have additional artwork for the site. At the least, we're looking for someone to do logo designs and the occasional cover; internal artwork for the stories would be ideal, but there's a lot here. Turning these text stories into webcomics would be quite an undertaking.

This Year's Releases

Jan 23, 2012 - Spellbinger #5: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Spellbinder joins with a plethora of heroes to stop Tank, Medusa joins in the fight, and Chelsea's past is still haunting her.
Dec 31, 2011 - Going Solo #6: Return to Freehold
Following up from Going Solo #4, Fenuku the kobold's friends Serena, Ryence, and Cheng Ke arrive in Freehold, but are met by someone they didn't expect. This issue is part of RACC's High Concept Challenge
Dec 9, 2011 - Spellbinder #4: Tank!
Spellbinder starts introducing herself to the superhuman community following a visit from the Native American trickster spirit Coyote. Meanwhile, the gods continue to plot, and a new super comes onto the scene threatening to get things done in a different manner. Guest-Starring Silver Arrow, and introducing two new superheroes: the Knight of Cydonia and Rocket.
Nov 12, 2011 - Tales From the Tesla Institute #1: The Assistant
From StarFall and RACC newcomer Elena Klazinga, Tales focuses on the never-boring happenings at the Tesla Institute for Exploratory Sciences and Engineering, hailed by many as the mecca of mad science, headed by the number one "mad scientist" of all time: Nikola Tesla himself!
Oct 25, 2011 - Silver Arrow #7: Myths and Legends
Continuing the story from the previous issue, as he faces off against Apollo, Artemis, Lu Bu, and Robin Hood in the dreamscape, while Jeff hunts down where Time-Twister is holding Doorway.
May 28, 2010 - Going Solo #5: Behind Blue Eyes
An intrepid reporter interviews one of StarFall's rising supervillains. This issue is part of RACC's High Concept Challenge.
May 3, 2010 - Spellbinder #3: Machine Head
Spellbinder starts doing her job in her own way, while the Faerie Queen of Loud Sorrows hunts her down for a rematch. Both start by looking for the same artifact, the Silver Skull Machine. Plus, Hermes meets with his fellow trickster, the Norse god Loki, with dun dun duuunnnn ... PLANS! for our heroine. This issue is part of RACC's High Concept Challenge.
Apr 4, 2011 - Silver Arrow #6: Trapped!
Silver Arrow's supporting cast takes center stage as our bowslinging hero is incapacitated in the hospital, and Fran is held captive by her psychotic twin brother.
Feb 21, 2011 - Zombies Don't Eat Living Flesh
Voodoo Queen Niqa "Miss Cleo" Patra has to deal with a zombie-raising houngan in New Orleans whose plans don't always go off as he wishes. This one-shot is part of RACC's High Concept Challenge.
Jan 10, 2011 - Silver Arrow #5: Betrayal
Silver Arrow faces off against White Crane, not knowing that she's his childhood friend and informant, Jade Wong. Also, things heat up as Fran is visited by her twin brother, Frank.

Coming Soon

Silver Arrow continues! - Hugh's awake, and itching to get back to work. Meanwhile, Jeff and Fran, along with a number of Los Gatos, face off against Time-Twister, who is upset that Silver Arrow has not yet arrived to save Fran!

Spellbinder continues! - Zeus is out, Athena is in. How will this affect the Mystic Defender program? Also, forces from Chelsea's past threaten to overwhelm her.

Tales From the Tesla Institute continues! - Gena is up for some poking and prodding by her coworkers at the Institute, as she moves from scientist to test subject.

New Title! Victor King used to be someone else, but he can't remember anything. He may not even want to. Follow his tale in King.