Mutant Liberation Front Villain Team


(Raven Darkholme)
Founder, Co-Leader


(Irene Adler)
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(Dominic Petros)
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(John Allerdyce)
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(Silas King)
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The Mutant Liberation Front is a collection of superhuman criminals and terrorists who are dedicated to ensuring mutantkind's continued survival by removing those who would use or abuse their positions of power to harm their kind. As such, all of the MLF's active members have been mutants, though they are not opposed to having non-mutant members.

The MLF was first formed by the mutant shapeshifter Mystique and the blind mutant precog Destiny; their first recruit was their foster daughter Rogue. The rest of the MLF has tended to be comprised of superhuman mercenaries with a shifting roster; the only member other than the three founders who has been present in all cases is the super-strong mutant Frenzy.

The Mutant Liberation Front first came to public attention when they attacked and tried to assassinate SHIELD director Henry Peter Gyrich and engineer Oliver Trask at the unveiling of SHIELD's new robotic Sentinels, only to be thwarted through the actions of the X-Men, who were in the crowd, SHIELD's Interpol liason Teresa Rourke, and the Sentinels themselves. Destiny, Rogue, Frenzy, and Mystique escaped in the chaos, though not before the MLF managed to destroy half the Sentinels that were present. At the time, the MLF consisted of the three founders, Avalanche, Pyro, and Frenzy.

The MLF has since clashed with the X-Men on two other occasions. On the first, members of the MLF – Rogue, Pyro, Frenzy, Tower, and Stinger – ambushed the X-Men in Central Park as a diversion while Mystique, Destiny, and Avalanche stole into the Federal Reserve building and made off into the Morlock tunnels with a load of gold ingots.

In the second encounter, the MLF – this time consisting of Mystique, Rogue, Frenzy, Timeshadow, and Solarr – were receiving a shipment of weapons from AIM only to be caught in a fight between the X-Men and their sometimes member/sometimes adversary Mimic. The weapons and the payment were destroyed, and Timeshadow and Solarr were taken into custody, though the rest of the MLF escaped.

Where the Mutant Liberation Front will appear next is anyone's guess.

First Post-Reboot Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #

Membership Roster

Mystique – Co-Founder. Mystique has led the MLF since its formation.

Destiny – Co-Founder. Destiny serves as the MLF's strategist.

Rogue – First recruit. Foster child of Mystique and Destiny, Rogue has served with the MLF since its founding.

Avalanche – Second recruit. Avalanche remains with the MLF despite several incarcerations.

Pyro – Third recruit. Pyro has served faithfully with the MLF since he was recruited for its first public action.

Frenzy – Fourth recruit. Frenzy is the team's acknowledged muscle, and a firm believer in their cause, if not always their actions.

Stinger – Fifth recruit. Stinger was incarcerated following her first public appearance, but has escaped and likely rejoined the team.

Tower – Sixth recruit. Tower joined as additional muscle, but his first loyalty is to his sister, Stinger, not the MLF.

Timeshadow – Seventh recruit. Although a believer in the cause, it is unlikely that the MLF will free him, due to his being drunk in action.

Solarr – Eighth recruit. Solarr is a mercenary, and finds the MLF's cause and actions to be petty. He likely will not rejoin the team.