Boomerang Villain

Real Name: Fred Meyers.
Occupation: Mercenary, costumed criminal, former professional athlete.
Identity: Known to the authorities.
Legal Status: Dual citizen of Australia and the United States with a criminal record in the States.
Other Aliases: None.
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia.
Marital Status: Presumably single.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Occasional member of Batroc's Brigade, former member of an unnamed minor league professional baseball team.
Base of Operations: Mobile.
First Post-Reboot Appearance: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #
History: Fred Meyers was born in Australia but moved with his parents, at least one of whom was an American citizen, to the States as a young kid. As a youth he soon discovered a passion for baseball and growing up developed an incredible pitching arm. He attended college on baseball scholarships and was recruited into a minor league team affiliated with the New York Mets. After a year, however, he was suspended for accepting bribes. Upset, he was soon recruited by the unscrupulous industrialist Justin Hammer and given the identity of Boomerang along with related paraphernalia, which included a number of boomerangs designed by Hammer's R&D department. In this guise, he originally fought Iron Man but was defeated; he was released on bail soon after. Realizing that he was unused to throwing his now signature weapon, he retreated to the Australian Outback for a month of intense self-training.

As Boomerang, he has fought Captain America, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Spider-Man, and Daredevil, and occasionally hired by Georges Batroc as a member of Batroc's Brigade. He was last seen escaping from the Ryker's Island prison facility during the jailbreak led by the Rhino.
Age: 24.
Height: 5' 11".
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.
Uniform: Blue and purple bodysuit with two large boomerangs strapped to the chest and two on the back, purple gloves, blue boots, blue belt with a series of boomerangs stored on it, purple cowl with a boomerang motif on the forehead.
Strength Level: Boomerang possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Known Superhuman Powers: None.
Other Abilities: Boomerang is a skilled athlete with an incredible pitching arm, able to hurl objects such as baseballs and his boomerangs at incredible speeds and strength.
Weapons and Paraphernalia: Boomerang carries an undisclosed number of boomerangs, including the ones on his uniform, several of which are rigged with explosives or given sharp edges for cutting. Boomerang's boots have miniature rockets in them to provide him lift, using technology Hammer stole from Stark Industries, but because he lacks flight stabilizers he doesn't use them for sustained flight.

340 points

ST: 12 [20] HP: 12 [0] Speed: 6.50 [0]
DX: 13 [60] Will: 12 [5] Ground Move: 6 [0]
IQ: 11 [20] Per: 12 [5] Air Move: 13 [0]
HT: 13 [30] FP: 13 [0] SM: 0
Dmg: 1d-1/1d+2 BL: 29 lbs.  
Dodge: 10 Parry: 11 DR: 12/4* (uniform)

Languages: English (Native) (Native Language) [0].

Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].

Advantages: Ambidexterity [5]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Fit [5]; Flight (Gadget/Breakable: DR 10, -10%; Gadget/Breakable: SM -5, -10%; Gadget/Can Be Stolen: Forcibly Removed, -10%; Low Ceiling: 10 foot ceiling, -20%) [20]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Imbue 2 (Limited Skill Access: Three Skills, -40%) [12]; Natural Athlete 2 [20]; Signature Gear (Consumable: Specialty Boomerangs) [2]; Striking ST +6 (One Attack Only: Throwing Arm, -60%) [12]; Wealth (Comfortable) [10]; Weapon Master (Thrown Weapons) [35].

Perks: Acceleration Tolerance [1]; Citizenship (Australia) [1]; Dirty Fighting [1]; Eye For Distance [1].

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Mercenary's) [-5]; Greed (12) [-15]; Overconfidence (12) [-5]; Pacificm (Reluctant Killer) [-5]; Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5].

Quirks: Bad With Names [-1]; Dislikes Crocodile Dundee Jokes/References [-1]l Dual Identity; Rule-Breaker [-1].

Skills: Arching Shot (Thrown Weapon (Stick)) (VH) DX+0 [8] – 13; Boxing (A) DX+1 [4] – 14; Breath Control (H) HT+1 [2] – 14*; Far Shot (Thrown Weapon (Stick)) (VH) DX+0 [8] – 13; Jumping (E) DX+2 [1] – 15*; Mathematics/TL8 (Applied) (H) IQ-1 [2] – 10; Parry Missile Weapons (H) DX+1 [8] – 14; Physics/TL8 (Aerodynamics) (H) IQ+1 [8] – 12; Piloting/TL8 (Light Airplane) (A) DX-1 [1] – 12; Returning Shot (Thrown Weapon (Stick)) (VH) DX+0 [8] – 13; Running (A) HT+1 [1] – 14*; Savoir-Faire (Mafia) (E) IQ+1 [2] – 12; Sports (Baseball) (A) DX+1 [1] – 14*; Streetwise (A) IQ+1 [4] – 12; Survival (Desert) (A) Per+0 [2] – 12; Throwing (A) DX+1 [1] – 14*; Thrown Weapon (Stick) (E) DX+7 [24] – 20; Wrestling (A) DX+1 [4] – 14.

Starting Spending Money: $8,000 (20% of Starting Wealth).

* Includes +2 from Natural Athlete.

Role-Playing Notes:

At the start of his career, Boomerang is a man who is bitter at the world. He has since accepted that it was his own fault for being suspended from his first love, baseball, and in fact has begun to enjoy working as a costumed mercenary.

TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
Boxing Punch 1d-1 cr C 11 12
TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
Kick 1d-1 cr C, 1 n/a 12
Bite 1d-2 cr C n/a 12
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots Cost ST Bulk Rcl Notes
8 Boomerang 3d cr 2 108/180 1 1 T(1) $20 6 -2