The Invicible Iron Man Title

Tony Stark: Genius, businessman, billionaire, philanthropist, inventor, playboy, American patriot. It was the last part that led him to serve a tour in Afghanistan during the War on Terror. However, he was captured and injured, with shrapnel - from one of his own weapons that ended up in the enemy's hands - headed into his heart. With the help of a fellow captive, a man named Ho Yinsen, he was able to escape in what would be the first of his suits as Iron Man, though Yinsen sacrificed his life to give Tony time for the suit to fully charge.

The Invincible Iron Man follows Tony's quest to eliminate the corruption from his own company while fending off enemies who aren't pleased to find that he's found ways to cheat death.

Dramatis Personae

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Supporting Cast
Harold "Happy" Hogan
Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Stark Industries

Rogues Gallery
Justin Hammer