Batroc, Georges Non-Villain Antagonist

Real Name: Georges Batroc.
Occupation: Mercenary, former soldier and professional prize fighter.
Identity: Publicly known.
Legal Status: Citizen of France with an international criminal record.
Other Aliases: The Leaper.
Place of Birth: Marseilles, France.
Marital Status: Unrevealed.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Batroc's Brigade, formerly the French Army.
Base of Operations: Mobile.
First Post-Reboot Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #
History: Georges Batroc first earned fame on the savate circuit in France as one of the youngest competitors, fighting multiple championship bouts before reaching the age of eighteen. Forced for a time to give up competitive fighting when he enlisted in the French Army, Batroc earned a reputation as a discipline problem with a penchant for insubordination. Despite this, he always completed his missions, though not always in the ways that his immediate superiors wanted him to.

Given an involuntary discharge upon completing his tour of duty, Batroc soon found his skills in demand as a mercenary. With the recent rise of costumed adventurers, Batroc designed a uniform for himself. At first billing himself as the Leaper, he ambushed and fought Captain America to a standstill as a means of advertising his skills. (Batroc has since dropped the "Leaper" moniker to use only his last name.)

Needing help on a mission, he found other non-powered costumed mercenaries at one of the so-called Bars With No Name, a drinking and networking establishment for the super-criminal element. This was the first time he formed what has become known as Batroc's Brigade.

Over the last few months, Batroc and his Brigade have fought not only Captain America but also Angel of the X-Men, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Spider-Woman. Most of his clients hire him when expecting costumed opposition; that he, too, wears a colorful outfit ensures that the ensuing fight remains focused on him rather than his clients.

Recently, however, Batroc was hired by Captain America to assist in taking down the criminal "academy" run by the Taskmaster. During the course of this caper, it was then revealed that Batroc and the Taskmaster have a long-standing rivalry, the origin of which has not yet been revealed.
Age: 27.
Height: 6'.
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Black.
Uniform: Purple and gold bodysuit, gold gloves, gold boots, gold belt, gold cowl with black whatever-those-are over the eyes.
Strength Level: Georges Batroc possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Known Superhuman Powers: None.
Other Abilities: Batroc is an expert hand to hand combatant specializing in the French martial art savate. An avid parkour athlete, he has adapted several parkour moves into his style. He is also skilled in the use of modern firearms.

505 points

ST: 15 [50] HP: 17 [4] Speed: 6.50 [0]
DX: 13 [60] Will: 11 [0] Move: 6 [0]
IQ: 11 [20] Per: 12 [5]  
HT: 13 [30] FP: 13 [0] SM: 0
Dmg: 1d+1/2d+1 BL: 34 lbs.  
Dodge: 13 Parry: 16 DR: 12/4* (uniform)

Languages: English (Accented) [4]; French (Native) (Native Language) [0].

Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].

Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Enhanced Dodge 3 [45]; Enhanced Parry (Bare Hands) [15]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Flexibility [5]; Hard to Kill 3 [6]; Hard to Subdue 3 [6]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Resistant to Poisons (+3) [5]; Striking ST (Kick Only, -60%) +4 [8]; Trained By A Master [30]; Unfazeable [15]; Very Fit [15]; Wealth (Wealthy) [20].

Perks: Focused Fury [1]; Special Exercises (DR 1 with Tough Skin) [1]; Special Exercises (Striking ST +1) 4 [4]; Style Familiarity (Savate); Technique Mastery (Kicking) [1].

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Professional) [-5]; Enemy (Taskmaster; Rival) (9) [-5]; Overconfidence (9) [-7]; Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5]; Stubbornness [-5].

Quirks: Dislikes Monty Python References [-1]; Exaggerated His Accent [-1]; Holds His Mercenary Allies To His Professional Code [-1]; Wants To Prove Skill Is As Important As Powers [-1].

Skills: Acrobatics (H) DX+3 [16] – 16; Climbing (A) DX+2 [1] – 15*; Flying Leap (H) IQ+1 [8] – 12; Guns/TL8 (Rifle) (E) DX+0 [1] – 13; Jumping (E) DX+2 [4] – 15; Karate (H) DX+7 [32] – 20; Karate Art (H) DX+5 [4] – 18†; Karate Sport (H) DX+5 [4] – 18†; Knife (E) DX+2 [4] – 15; Observation (A) Per+1 [4] – 13; Parachuting/TL8 (E) DX+0 [1] – 13; Power Blow (H) Will+1 [8] – 12; Running (A) HT+1 [4] – 14; Savoir-Faire (Dojo) (E) IQ+1 [2] – 12; Stealth (A) DX+0 [2] – 13; Streetwise (A) IQ+1 [4] – 12; Swimming (E) HT+1 [2] – 14; Throwing (A) DX+0 [2] – 13; Wrestling (A) DX+3 [12] – 16.

Techniques: Acrobatic Stand (Acrobatics) (A) def+5 [6] – 16; Kicking (Karate) (H) def+6 [7] – 24; Spinning Kick (H) def+3 [4] – 20.

Starting Spending Money: $20,000 (20% of Starting Wealth).

* Includes +3 from Flexibility.

† Defaulted from Karate.

Role-Playing Notes:

Batroc is a man who is constantly seeking to improve his skills and prove that superior skill is still a viable resource in the world of the superhuman. He's constantly on the lookout for others to test his skills against. He holds himself to a mercenary's code of honor: always complete the mission, never betray your client, and keep the bystanders out of the crossfire; he also expects those in his employ to abide by the same code.

Feel free to make his French accent, in the words of Monty Python, outrageous!

TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
Karate Punch 1d+2 cr C 17 15
Karate Kick 2d+3 cr C n/a 18