Stick Supporting Cast

Real Name: Unrevealed.
Occupation: Martial arts instructor, pool hustler.
Identity: Secret.
Legal Status: Unrevealed.
Other Aliases: None.
Place of Birth: Unrevealed.
Marital Status: Presumably single.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: An unnamed ninja clan.
Base of Operations: Mobile.
First Post-Reboot Appearance: (in flashback) DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR #; (actual) DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR #
History: The history of the man known as Stick is unknown. It is known that he has lived and worked in the New York City area for the last few decades, making a meager living running a pool hall, and occasionally challenging newcomers and the overconfident to a game of pool – games where he inevitably beat them. It is known that Stick is a member – some say leader – of an unnamed ninja clan which has opposed their main rivals, the Hand, on numerous occasions.

Stick was first introduced to the young Matt Murdock days after the boy was released from the hospital. Matt's father, Jack, had heard of Stick's ability and thought the man could help his son. Stick taught Matt everything he could, and kept an eye on Matt after the boy was orphaned.

Recently, Stick was confronted by Elektra, one of the Hand's best assassins. Somehow sensing the faint hints of goodness which still resided in Elektra's soul, he subdued her. He performed a mystic ritual to cleanse the Hand's corrupting influence from her soul, but she escaped and fled before the ritual could be fully completed.

Since then, Stick has encountered his old pupil Matt in the latter's costumed guise of Daredevil when the former was attacked by the Hand assassin, Kirigi. Joining forces, Stick, Daredevil, and Elektra fought off Kirigi, who promised to return to finish the job. Since then, Stick has contacted other members of his ninja clan for aid. The final battle between the Hand and Stick's order has yet to be seen.
Age: 58.
Height: 5' 9".
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eyes: Grey.
Hair: White.
Uniform: None.
Strength Level: Stick possesses the normal human strength of a man his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Known Superhuman Powers: Stick possesses various extrasensory abilities developed through intense martial arts training. Foremost among these is the ability to sense his surroundings through a kind of "proximity sense", which appears to have been developed through training his senses of hearing and touch into a kind of sonar and vibration sense. According to Stick, anyone may develop a proximity sense through training.

Also among his abilities are the ability to see briefly into the future, a technique he calls kimagure. Using this ability, he is able to sense threats to himself and those he cares about. Also using kimagure, he is able to see, hear, and smell events happening nearby as if he had eyes. This ability can be used at will, and he retains full awareness of what is happening around him when using it.
Other Abilities: Stick is a master staff-fighter and an adept hand to hand combatant.
Weaknesses: Stick is blind.
Weapons: Stick wields a 6 foot long bo staff.

Elektra: You speak in riddles, old man.
Stick: It keeps my students alert.

732 points

Attributes: ST 12 [20]; DX 13 [60]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 13 [30].

Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 1d-1/1d+2; BL 29 lbs; HP 12 [0]; Will 15 [15]; Per 15 [15]; FP 13 [0]; Basic Speed 6.50 [0]; Basic Move 6 [0]; Dodge 6*.

Languages: English (Native) [0]; Japanese (Native) (Native Language) [0].

Cultural Familiarities: East Asian (Native) [0]; Western [1].

Advantages: Absolute Direction [5]; Absolute Timing [2]; Charisma 2 [10]; Clairsentience (Aware, +50%; Second Nature, +70%, Chi, -10%) [99]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Empathy [15]; Enhanced Parry (Staff) 4 [20]; Forceful Chi 3 [45]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Inner Balance 3 [45]; Magery (Path Book) 0 [5]; Precognition (Chi, -10%) [23]; Social Regard (Venerated) 1 [5]; Trained By A Master [30]; Vibration Sense (Sense of Perception, +100%; Chi, -10%) [19]; Weapon Master (Bo Staff) [20].

Perks: Grip Mastery (Staff) [1]; Style Familiarity (Bojutsu) [1].

Disadvantages: Blindness [-50]; Charitable (9) [-22]; Code of Honor (Xia) [-10]; Discipline of Faith (Asceticism) [-15]; Enemy (The Hand) (9) [-40]; Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]; Truthfulness (12) [-5]; Wealth (Poor) [-15].

Quirks: Broad-Minded [-1]; Talks In Riddles Whenever Possible [-1]; Warped Sense of Humor [-1].

Skills: Acrobatics (H) DX-1 [2] – 14; Blind Fighting (VH) Per+5 [16] – 20†; Climbing (A) DX-1 [1] – 12; Connoisseur (Music) (A) IQ+1 [4] – 13; Esoteric Medicine (H) Per+0 [4] – 15; Exorcism (H) Will+3 [16] – 18; Gambling (A) IQ+0 [2] – 12; Games (Billiards/Pool) (E) IQ+8 [28] – 20; Hiking (A) HT-1 [1] – 12; Immovable Stance (H) DX+3 [4] – 16†; Judo (H) DX+2 [36] – 15‡; Jumping (E) DX+0 [1] – 13; Karate (H) DX+2 [36] – 15‡; Meditation (H) Will+3 [4] – 18†; Panhandling (E) IQ+2 [1] – 14§; Parry Missile Weapons (H) DX+7 [56] – 20‡; Philosophy (Buddhism) (H) IQ+2 [12] – 14; Power Blow (H) Will+4 [8] – 19#; Precognitive Parry (H) IQ+3 [28] – 15‡#; Pressure Points (Human) (H) IQ+4 [6] – 16#¥; Running (A) HT-1 [1] – 12; Savoir-Faire (Dojo) (E) IQ+2 [4] – 14; Staff (A) DX+7 [56] – 20‡; Staff Art (A) DX+5 [4] – 18‡¶; Streetwise (A) IQ+0 [2] – 12; Swimming (E) HT+0 [1] – 13.

Techniques: Back Strike (Staff) (H) def+2 [3] – 20; Sweep (Staff) (H) def+3 [4] – 20; Whirlwind Attack (Staff) (H) def+5 [6] – 20.

Starting Spending Money: $796 (20% of Starting Wealth, minus the cost of his bo staff).

* Includes -4 from Blindness.

† Includes +3 from Inner Balance.

‡ Includes -6 from Blindness.

§ Includes +2 from Charisma.

# Includes +3 from Forceful Chi.

¥ Defaulted from Esoteric Medicine.

¶ Defaulted from Staff.

Role-Playing Notes: