Atlanteans Aliens and Other Races

The Atlanteans are an offshoot subspecies of humanity, Homo sapiens mermanus, who have adapted to life underwater. Atlanteans generally appear as blue-skinned humans with normal human hair colors; one breed who resides in the Pacific Ocean, commonly known as Lemurians, has developed green skin instead. Centuries of worshipping the primordial god Set have given the Lemurians a fine layer of scales.

Their entire physiology is adapted to living in the ocean depths. Atlanteans can breathe in water, extracting oxygen through adaptations of the lungs, but suffocate on the surface. They are able to withstand the pressures of the ocean depths, giving them enhanced strength; this strength enables them to move through the water as a surface-worlder moves through air. Their eyes are adapted to the green and blue end of the spectrum, rendering them incapable of seeing reds as anything but as black, but enabling them to see into the ultraviolet range.

The exact origins of the Atlantean race are a mystery. The oral traditions of the Atlantean race credit the Olympian god Poseidon, usually known in Atlantis by his Roman name Neptune. They are also believed, in some circles, to be an offshoot of the Inhuman race, who themselves were altered from the human baseline by the alien Kree. The theory that Atlanteans evolved naturally is currently insupportable, but hasn't been ruled out entirely.

Atlanteans are able to interbreed with humans; however, only a handful of half-breeds are currently known to exist; most notably King Namor, his cousin Namora, the renegade Lemurian half-breed Llyra, the Lemurian half-breed Pisces of the Zodiac Cartel, and Namorita, a student at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters (Namorita's connection to Namor or Namora, if any, is not currently known). It is not known whether the half-breeds are themselves fertile with humanity or with baseline Atlanteans. Other half-breeds may exist, but apparently prefer to stay out of the affairs of others. Human-Atlantean half-breeds are fully amphibious, able to exist indefinitely in either air or underwater. While Namor has wings on his ankles, somehow giving him the ability to fly, Namora and Llyra do not. It is suspected that Namor is also a mutant, explaining his flight, as well as his other non-standard-Atlantean powers. Half-breeds can have either the native blue (or green if part Lemurian) skin of their Atlantean parent or the skin tone of their air-breathing human parent. Blue-skinned half-breeds are better able to blend into Atlantean society, while those that take on the skin tone of their human parent are often more at home on the surface world.

Atlantean culture is primarily a hunter-gatherer culture with some agriculture, primarily seaweed farming. They have a long history dating back almost twelve thousand years, preserved orally due to the lack of writing. Metalworking is unheard of, due to their environment; however, they are skilled at shaping coral and other naturally-occurring materials. What metal weapons and armor they do possess are taken from shipwrecks, and are a unique combination of Phoenician, Roman, and European Colonial designs.

One of the most recent advancements, developed just prior to World War I, is the development of a serum which permits an Atlantean to breathe air for up to twelve hours at a time. This serum has the side-effect of turning the skin from the native blue to a more "human" shade, anywhere from a light pink to a dark brown.

First Post-Reboot Appearance: LOST WORLD OF ATLANTIS #1.

Game-Mechanic Details:

Atlanteans, including the green-scaled Lemurians, have a native Tech Level of 0+1, resembling a Bronze Age society, similar in many ways to the Mycenaean/Heroic Greek or Mesopotamian culture, but with a divergent technology path (mainly due to a lack of fire and metal-working).

One dose of the serum that allows an Atlantean to breathe air costs $100, lasts 1d+6 hours, and can be produced on a successful Pharmacy (Herbal) or Herb Lore roll with $50 worth of naturally-occurring ingredients.

A campaign set entirely in Atlantis would be at TL0+1, not TL8 as assumed by the racial packages below. In essence, no character would have the Low TL -7 trait. Characters such as Namor would be able to purchase High TL +7.


130 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST +10 [100]; HT +2 [20].

Languages: Atlantean (Native) (Native Language) [0].

Cultural Familiarities: Atlantis [0].

Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Doesn't Breathe (Gills: Underwater Only) [0]; Extended Lifespan 1 (×2) [2]; Night Vision 8 [8]; Pressure Support 2 [10]; Speak Underwater [5]; Ultravision [10].

Disadvantages: Low TL -7 [-35].


Lemurian (+1 point): Scales [1].

Atlantean Half-Breed

144 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST +10 [100]; HT +2 [20].

Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Doesn't Breathe (Gills, -50%) [10]; Extended Lifespan 1 (×2) [2]; Night Vision 8 [8]; Pressure Support 2 [10]; Speak Underwater [5]; Temperature Tolerance 4 [4]; Ultravision [10].

Disadvantages: Low TL -7 [-35].


Lemurian (+1 point): Scales [1].