Mutant, Mutant, Who's Got The Mutant?

War. War never changes.

In the mid-21st Century, protracted problems between China and the United States escalated into all-out war. Like all wars, it was fought over resources: oil and uranium, in this particular case. The States annexed Canada. China invaded Alaska. In the end, in 2077 the Powers That Be let fly the nukes.

The majority of the people did not make it to safety. The world population went from 7 billion to approximately 100 million overnight. Those few who did manage to make it inside the Vaults survived in relative safety. Others who did not were far enough away from the nuclear blasts to survive, but they were hard-pressed to survive in the wastelands.

After a generation, many of the Vaults opened. Some of the survivors attempted to recreate civilization. Others abandoned civilization to live in small tribal villages. And still others turned to living as barbarian raiders, taking what they want from whoever gets in their way.

Recently, tensions have been mounting regarding a rumored threat, whispers of a nameless fear that stems from the War. Another war is imminent, yet no one knows where the first blow will be struck, or who will be the first struck... or by what.

Game Information

This game will be run using GURPS 4e. Characters are to be built upon 150 points with a disadvantage cap of -75 points. Characters are to be either human or ghoul; deathclaws and super-mutants are being held in reserve as NPC heavies.

Tech Level: Effective TL 6, but with some TL 8 and TL 9 equipment available.
Exceptions: Vault-13 is a solid TL 8 with TL 9 medicine. The Brotherhood of Steel is a solid TL 10. Tribals, if they're around, are TL 3 at best.
Game Start Date: 5 Dec 2161.

The flavor of Fallout is Retro-Tech. Where TL 8 through TL 10 are mentioned, TL 7+1 through 7+3 can be read in their place. A lot of the technology, particularly the styling of the remnants of pre-War cars, looks like it was taken straight out of the 1950s. Example: the Chrysallis Highwayman and the Corvega. ;)

Available Races include Human, Ghoul, and the robot Mr. Handy. Racial Templates are available for the latter two, as well as the Super-Mutant, which in this game will be reserved for NPCs only.


A number of the notable settlements and other places of interest are as follows:

Details on these locations are available upon request.


Everyone needs equipment, right? Particularly in the post-apocalyptic world, the right equipment will help people survive longer, while the wrong equipment can lead to an early death.

Equipment tends to be lumped into a number of primary categories: weapons, armor, drugs, and survival gear.