Dynatechnics Corporation


Mission Statement: Dynatechnics is a corporation which engages in advanced materials processing, refining, and manufacturing, primarily in polymers, carbon fibers, memory fabrics, and similar advanced materials. Each branch has a sizable Applied Sciences division which develop entirely new and bleeding edge technologies and often engage in research outside the company's primary focus. They occasionally have government contracts through DARPA to develop exotic technologies.


TL: 8 (9 in materials) Members: 50,000

Wealth: Comfortable.

Contacts: Business Skills–12 [5], Manufacturing Skills–12 [5], Scientific Skills–15 [10].

Member Traits: Gadgeteer [25]; High TL +1 (Materials Science Only, -80%) [1].

Notable Resources: Manufacturing plants and research facilities across the Rust Belt.

Reaction-Time Modifier: -1

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $4,555.200,000

Resource Value: $22,776,000

Patron Value: 10 points. Enemy Value: -10 points.

Ally and Dependent Value: Dynatechnics can often supply individual 50 to 100 point Allies and/or various Contacts for short periods of time, usually in the Applied Sciences divisions.

Social Attributes

Type: Commercial, Research Loyalty: Good (14)

CR: 3

Rank: Merchant Rank 0-7 [4/level]

Income Range: $2,600 (Average) to $260,000 (Filthy Rich)

Reputation: +1 (as a good place to work that takes care of their employees).


Materials science is more advanced in the Marvel Universe than in the real world. The setting has a TL8 infrastructure, and companies like Dynatechnics are able to produce and work with TL9 materials.

Dynatechnics is a corporation with its national headquarters in the greater Chicago Metro area of Illinois and various facilities across the Rust Belt – most notably in Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; and Milwaukee, WI, although other facilities are believed to exist – which primarily focuses on raw materials manufacturing, producing advanced materials such as high-tensile polymers, carbon fiber nanotubes, memory fabrics, and lightweight ceramics. Various facilities also have large research, development, and applied sciences divisions which work to develop new processes – and occasionally ultra-tech military hardware under contracts with DARPA.

Dynatechnics was founded the 1970s in Detroit by Roger van Dyne and William Carmody (later known as the Eternal Brain of the First Line) in an attempt to halt the decline of manufacturing jobs in the city, with Carmody retaining the controlling share. Carmody preferred to work out of his private research institute in Maine (later the headquarters for the First Line), leaving Van Dyne to manage the day to day operations of the company. Since the mid 1990s, Dynatechnics' main offices have been located in Chicago, Illinois.

In the early 1980s, the Cleveland branch's research division worked with DARPA to develop a weapon known as the neutron disintegrator. After the cost of the development grew to astronomical proportions, with only a single prototype – which in testing spectacularly failed to literally hit the broad side of a barn, in front of the Pentagon's top brass – the project was shelved.

The research branch then turned to using a laser spectroscope to study the chemical components of nearby stars. Through unknown means, in 1986 the Cleveland laser spectroscope brought Howard the Duck to Earth; less than a week later, Howard was forced to destroy the spectroscope with the neutron disintegrator to prevent an otherworldly invasion.

Control of Dynatechnics later passed to van Dyne's son Vernon and Carmody's daughter Mary. Vernon has insisted his sons prepare to take over the business, leaving his daughter Janet to her own devices. At a company social function, Janet met Dr. Hank Pym, one of the scientists in the Chicago branch's applied sciences division. Hank and Janet have since become the adventurers Ant-Man and Wasp; it has not yet become common knowledge that the two are connected to the company.

Ant-Man and Wasp have since helped stop a hostile takeover of Dynatechnics by their less scrupulous rival Cross Technological Enterprises.

First Appearance: (Cleveland, Ohio, branch) Howard the Duck (movie, 1986).

First Post-Reboot Appearance: (Chicago, Illinois, headquarters) ASTONISHING ANT-MAN #1.

Design Notes:

1. Yes, the movie Howard the Duck starring Ed Gale and Lea Thompson is canon for the Reboot! Of course, this means that Howard and Beverly Switzer (and maybe the rest of the Cherry Bombs) will need to be rejuvenated somehow if I want to keep them active in the "now". Then again, there's always Doctor Bong . . . .