Daily Bugle Corporation

The Daily Bugle is a newspaper which has been in operation releasing daily editions in New York City since 1897. Like its rival, the Daily Globe, the Bugle publishes in a tabloid format with a full-color picture on the front cover. Since the 1980s, the publisher of the Daily Bugle has been J. Jonah Jameson, who began his career with the paper when he was still in high school. Jameson is said to have had a personal interest in the paper ever since he discovered that it had once been owned by his great-uncle, whom Jameson greatly resembles, during World War II.

Jameson purchased the newspaper in its entirety in 1986, revitalizing the tabloid format newspaper. At the same time, he purchased the Goodman Building at the corner of 39th Street and Second Ave, and moved the entire production facilities and editorial staff into it. Today called the Daily Bugle Building, the building is capped with the Daily Bugle logo in 30-foot tall letters. The top three floors are dedicated to the Bugle's editorial offices, with two sub-basements for the printing presses and storage facilities. The rest of the building is rented out for office space and apartments.

The Daily Bugle has generated its share of controversy by being harshly critical of superheroes in both its headlines and its editorials, especially those that operate as vigilantes such as Spider-Man and Daredevil. Critics have called the animosity a marketing gimmick, while many who work for the paper itself have stated that Jameson's animosity runs beyond mere marketing. Regardless, the paper sells more issues of a print run whenever a superhero – and the occasional supervillain – graces the cover.

Other than Jameson, the Bugle's staff includes (but is not limited to) editor Joe "Robbie" Robertson, reporters Ned Leeds, Ben Urich, Fredrick Foswell, and Charlie Snow, photographers Peter Parker and Lance Bannon, columnist Jacob Conover, sports columnist Wendy Thornton, and secretaries Betty Brant and Gloria Grant.

First Post-Reboot Appearance: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.