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System: Rifts

Aengaela started as an NPC, but some of the more interesting times I had with her were when I set aside the GM hat and played her as a PC.

Aengie was also a test character for a new player race I had cooked up for the Rifts setting: the aeralons. Actually, the concept and name for the race predated the game by about ten years or so, having developed it originally back in high school as an extra-dimensional race for a comic-book style character. I have since added this race to my Ranoc fantasy setting with almost no modifications. In all incarnations the aeralons are feather-winged humans with fremen (blue irises on blue corneas) eyes. I make certain to mention that the color of the wings is often linked to hair color -- only platinum blond aeralons would have the ubiquitous white wings. Aengie's wings were brown with black speckles.

As a character, Aengie was a survivor of a Coalition purge of her village that the player group helped repulse. Her father, the village leader, had perished in the purge, and her older sister, the village protector, had to assume the reins of leadership. Because of the cultural responsibilities, Aengie had to be trained to become her peoples' protector, and the party accepted her into their ranks.

Aengie evolved over time. She started out as the wide-eyed girl curious about the world, taking in the sights with a sort of innocence that was a breath of fresh air to the slightly older and much more jaded PCs. When the party returned to their base to meet up with the "support crew", including a number of other PCs and NPCs who had been left behind, one of them, a Conjurer by the monicker 'Chadrick', made a pass at all of the female characters in various fashions. Aengie, being rather innocent, was flattered by the attention and responded appropriately, to the humor of both the players and their characters.

Funny thing... Chadrick's player was female, and I'm a guy. (Our IRC group tends to love gender-bending for the RP challenge.) This was the second time one of her male characters got involved with one of my females (see Derimachia for other details).

Aengie started as a character without an OCC, as I looked through my Library for an appropriate OCC for her to learn. After considering the options, and as the other characters tried to teach her their own ways (Operator, Rogue Scholar, Coalition Grunt, Shifter, etc.), I decided that due to her position as "Protector" for her village that Headhunter would be most appropriate without actually killing the character. Because she wasn't fully trained, I ended up making her a "training" character, with a full level to go before she could be considered a first-level character. I got her halfway there before the game came to a halt; I mostly regret not getting to a conclusion on the side plot she and Chadrick were in.

RCC: Aeralon
OCC: Headhunter
Level: 0
Exp: -1100
Needed: 0
Money: $1785
Black Market Items: $0

IQ: 15
ME: 10
MA: 11
PS: 16
PP: 18
PE: 20
PB: 16
Spd: 19
HP: 26
SDC by Location:
Wings (2): 30 each
Main Body: 60
PPE: 7
ISP: 17

Penalties: All hand to hand attacks against the character do an extra 1D4 SDC points of damage.

Object Read
ISP: 6
Impressions: 54%
Images: 46%
Present: 36%, 4 ISP more

Sixth Sense:
ISP: 2
Bonuses: (first melee only)
Initiative: +6
Parry: +2
Dodge: +3
RCC Skills:
Language: Aeralon: 98%
Language: American: 50%
Literacy: Aeralon: 75%
Land Navigation: 36%
Identify Plants/Fruits: 25%
Hand to Hand: Basic (will upgrade to Expert when training is complete)
RCC Abilities:
Natural winged flight of 160 mph
Sense of Direction: 55%
Track by Sight: 46%
Track by Hearing: 35%
Track by Smell: 28%
OCC Skills: (not yet learned)
Radio: Basic: 35% (+15%)
Radio: Scramblers: 35% (+10%)
Detect Ambush: 30% (+10%)
Detect Concealment: 25% (+15%)
Tracking: 30% (+10%)
Land Navigation: 36% (+10%)
Weapon Systems: 40% (+10%)
Read Sensory Equipment: 30% (+10%)
Pilot: Hovercycle: 70% (+5%)
Pilot: Tank & APC: 36% (+10%)
Pilot: Motorcycle: 60% (+5%)
Cyclone Combat: Basic
Lore: Demon: 25% (+10%)
Language: Dragonese: 50% (+10%)
Language: Spanish: 50% (+10%)
Language: Japanese: 50% (+10%)
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Energy Rifle
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Assault Rifle
WP: Sword
Hand to Hand: Expert
OCC Related Skills: (not yet learned) (4)
Basic Math: 45%
Literacy: American: 30%
Hand to Hand: Airborne
Secondary Skills: (6)
Cook: 35%
Art: 30%
Calligraphy: 35%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 3
Strike: +4
Parry: +4
Dodge: +2, +6 hover, +6 <= 80mph, +8 >= 90 mph
Roll with Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Airborne Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 2, includes time to reposition for next attack
Strike: +4
Parry: +4
Dodge: +4, +8 hover, +8 <= 80mph, +10 >= 90 mph
Roll with Impact: +4
Automatic Initiative vs. ground-based opponents
Mid-air grappling
Cyclone Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 4
Strike: +5
Parry: +5
Dodge: +4 (motorcycle only)
Leap Dodge: +3, automatic
Roll with Impact: +4
Pull Punch: +2
Saving Throws:
vs. coma/death: +10%
vs. Poison: +3
vs. Magic: +3
2 sets of clothes
Brush and comb
English primer
Dress clothing
Camouflage clothing
2 Canteens
Gas mask & air filter
(needed to get:
Robot Medical Kit
5 weeks rations)
CVR-she (modified), blue
MDC by Location:
Main Body: 45
Wings (2): 35 each
Arms (2): 20 each
Legs (2): 35 each
Survival Knife
Damage: 1D6 SDC

C-18 Laser Pistol
Damage: 2D4 MDC
Range: 800 feet
Payload: 10 shots/E-Clip
Ammo: 6 E-clips

C-10 Light Assault Laser Rifle
Damage: 2D6 MDC
Range: 2000 feet
Payload: 20 shots/E-Clip; 30 shots/long E-Clip
Ammo: 6 Long E-Clips

Wolf Auto-Pistol
Cartridge: 9mm
Weight: 3.5 bs.
Damage: 2D6 SDC
Rate of Fire: Standard
Range: 800 ft.
Payload: 20 round magazine
Ammo: 6 clips
VR-038 LT Cyclone, blue
MDC by Location, Cycle Mode:
Headlight: 2
Tires (2): 2 ea.
Storage Boxes (2): 2 ea.
Rear Rocket Thrusters: 50
Main Body: 150
MDC by Location, Armor Mode:
Tires (2): 2 ea.
Rocket Thrusters: 50
Forearm Shields (2): 50 ea.
Legs (2): 100 ea.
Head: 50
Main Body: 150
Cycle mode: 210 max, 150 gas, 80 cruising
Armor mode, running: 60 mph
Leap: 20 ft. high or across
Booster Leap: 100 ft. high or across
Range: 200 miles on gasoline, 2 months on Protoculture
Armor: 7 ft.
Cycle: 3.6 ft.
Armor: 3.4 ft.
Cycle: 1.6 ft.
Armor: 3.1 ft.
Cycle: 5 ft.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Strength: Equal to a PS 30
Radar: 20 targets, short-range (1 mile?)
Radio: Wide-band and Directional, 2 mile range
RL-6 Heavy Rocket Cannon
Range: 4000 ft.
Missile Type: Armor-Piercing
Damage: 1D4 x 10 MDC
Rate of Fire: single shot, up to 6 per melee
Payload: 6 missiles
Weight: 16 lbs.
MDC of Weapon: 3

Hand to Hand Damage:
Punch: 1D4 MDC
Kick: 1D4 MDC
Leap Kick: 2D4 MDC
Body Flip/Throw: 1D4 MDC
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4 MDC

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