Demonic Invasion


On June 21, 2012, during a rare cosmic alignment, the dimensional walls between the human world and the demon world were thin enough for a demon lord to breach the barrier. A portal opened up in the quiet town of Lyndon; caught unprepared, the people living there were quickly killed.

News of strange happenings in and around Lyndon spread quickly, however, and the Army National Guard was sent in that very night. Unprepared for the demons that greeted them, the 201st Mechanized Infantry National Guard Company was quickly slaughtered.

Today is June 22, a full day and a half after the portal opened. As the sun rises on the town, all appears quiet. However, you know better.

Through some stroke of pure luck, your squad has survived the slaughter. Behind you lies temporary safety; in front of you lies the demon-infested town. The demons have grown in number since last night, and you suspect that more are coming through the portal. Worse, many of the dead soldiers are now up and walking around, zombies under the demons' control! Within weeks, the planet will be overrun with demons, unless they can be stopped NOW.

All you have are each other, and your trusty LAV-300. Your Lieutenant is dead; Sarge now has command of the squad. Fail, and the Earth is overrun by demons. Succeed, and those of you who survive will probably be hailed as heroes.

And this was supposed to be your week off!

Character Information

Systems: Preferably GURPS 4e, but D20 Modern and (new) World of Darkness are also viable. The details below are intended for a GURPS 4e game.
Tech Level: 8
Point Level: 100
Disadvantage Limit: -50
Required Traits:

Military Rank 0 [0]; the party NPC will have Military Rank 1 [5].
Duty (US Army National Guard; Fairly Often, 9 or less) [-5]
Guns (Rifle)-12
At least one PC should have Gunner (Cannon), one should have Gunner (Machine Gun), and one should have Driving (Heavy Wheeled).

PC Races Allowed: HUMAN ONLY!
Exotic/Supernatural Traits Allowed: NONE!
PC Mages: NO!
PC Psis: NO!
PC Powers: NO!
PC Gadgeteers: NO!
Cinematic Traits: NONE!

I will be very strict with not allowing mages, psionics, powers, or gadgeteers. This is a heavily realistic game, using almost all of the realistic rules and none of the cinematic ones; the mooks (zombies, imps, etc) will not go down with one hit with a low damage roll.

Standard Issue Equipment

Do not buy these as personal gear; they were issued by the National Guard. Page numbers are given for items given in the Basic Set.

Other Equipment
Your squad has one each of these, along with listed ammunition.

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