Spear of Destiny


Contrary to popular opinion, it is known, as reported in John 19:31-37, that Christ did not die solely by being nailed to a cross; the final blow came from a Roman soldier's spear. Christian mythology has given this soldier the name Longinus, and has called his weapon the Spear of Destiny (also known as the Spear of Longinus). It is said that he who holds the Spear of Destiny holds the fate of the world in his hands.

It is now April of 1936 AD. Hitler is obsessed with the occult, and will stop at nothing to possess the Spear of Destiny. There's just one catch: the Spear has been lost since the Middle Ages. It falls to you to find the Spear before Hitler's Nazis, and they already have a good head start . . . .

Game Information

Game Time: Wednesdays, 8pm Eastern time (GMT-5); that's 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, and 1am Thursdays UK/Western European.
Where: irc.sorcery.net, #spear

Character Generation

This will be a fairly cinematic game. Combat will probably happenon a fairly regular basis, but I'm looking at more than just the standard "stand ten paces away and fire." I'll give bonus XP for any actions performed with a sense of style, successful or not.

Chargen Rules
System: GURPS 4e
Tech Level: 6
Starting Points: 150.
Disadvantage Limit: -75
Quirks: -5
Exotic and Supernatural Ads and Disads: None!
"Supernatural" Skills: At most, the Esoteric Medicine, Occultism and Exorcism skills. Hidden Lore, Thaumatology, and Ritual Magic are not permitted. Chi-based skills with Trained by a Master and Weapon Master as prerequisites are allowed, if they fit the concept.
Available Books: Lite or Basic Set: Characters (required); Power-Ups 2: Perks (recommended); High-Tech, Martial Arts, Pulp Guns 1, Pulp Guns 2 (all optional).

It is probably a good idea to watch several pulp-style movies - such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy, or The Phantom - for inspiration. (My own inspiration was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and Constantine back to back - not saying in which order.)

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