The Immortal Iron Fist Title

Throughout the world there are a half dozen or so "immortal weapons", men and women who have achieved spiritual enlightenment through mastery of a secret martial art taught in the extradimensional realm of K'un-L'un. Daniel Rand'kai was born on Earth but raised in K'un-L'un, earning the power of one of the immortal weapons, that of the Iron Fist.

Daniel recently learned that his father's killer was his business partner, Harold Meachum. In addition, Daniel's adopted uncle has exiled him from K'un-L'un over an imagined sleight.

The Immortal Iron Fist follows Rand's adventures in seeking out his Meachu while dodging both his adopted uncle's and Meachum's attempts to kill him.

Dramatis Personae

Daniel Rand'kai/Iron Fist

Supporting Cast
Misty Knight
Colleen Wing

Rogues Gallery
Harold Meachum
Zaran, Maximilian