Caliban Supporting Cast

Real Name: Unrevealed.
Occupation: None.
Identity: Caliban's existence is unknown to the general public.
Legal Status: Presumably a citizen of the United States, criminal record unknown.
Other Aliases: None.
Place of Birth: Unrevealed, but presumably New York City.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Morlocks.
Base of Operations: New York City.
First Post-Reboot Appearance: UNCANNY X-MEN #
History: The history of the man known only as Caliban is a complete unknown, as is his actual age. Whatever his past is, he keeps it to himself.

Presumably it was his albinism that drove him to live in the network of sewers and abandoned subway stations underneath New York City. His ability to detect other mutants led him to find and later help expand the Morlocks, a society of mutants living apart from the world.

Caliban has recently befriended the mutant superheroes known as the X-Men, although he declined to join their ranks.
Age: Indeterminate.
Height: 5' 8".
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow.
Hair: None.
Other Distinguishing Features: Caliban is an albino, possessing chalk-white skin.
Uniform: None.
Strength Level: Normally, Caliban possesses the normal human strength of a man his apparent age, height, and build who engages in moderate exercise. During periods of heightened stress, however, his adrenaline gives him superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) around 1,000 pounds (half a ton).
Known Superhuman Powers: In addition to his adrenaline-enhanced strength, Caliban possesses two psionic abilities:

First and foremost, particularly to the Morlocks, Caliban possesses the ability to locate other mutants within an unspecified radius.

During periods of heightened stress, in addition to his enhanced strength, Caliban possesses the ability to emit "waves of fear", which are strong enough to frighten most people into fleeing the immediate area in terror.
Other Abilities: Caliban is adept at moving through and surviving in the labyrinth of the New York City sewer and subway systems. It is said that he can travel from Greenwich Village to the North Bronx without once coming to the surface.
Limitations: As a result of the complete lack of melanin in his skin, due to being an albino, Caliban is unable to withstand sunlight for any significant period of time.

91 points

ST: 11/25 [10*] HP: 11 [0] Speed: 5.00 [10]
DX: 9 [-20] Will: 12 [10] Move: 5 [0]
IQ: 10 [0] Per: 12 [10]  
HT: 9 [-10] FP: 10 [3] SM: 0
Dmg: 1d-1/1d+1 (2d+2/5d-1) BL: 24 lbs. (125 lbs.)
Dodge: 8 Parry: 7 DR: 0

Languages: English (Native/Semi-Literate) (Native Language) [-2].

Cultural Familiarities: Western (Native) [0].

Advantages: Detect Mutants (Mutant Psionic, -10%) [18]; Enhanced ST +14 (Emergencies Only, -30%; Mutant, -10%) [68]; Hard to Kill 5 [10]; Night Vision 4 [4]; Resistant to Disease (+8) [5]; Terror (Will-4) (Emergencies Only, -30%; Mutant Psionic, -10%) [42].

Perks: Sure-Footed (Uneven) [1].

Disadvantages: Appearance (Unattractive) [-4]; Bad Smell [-10]; Cowardice (9) [-15]; Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Morlocks) [-10]; Skinny [-5]; Status -2 [-10]; Weakness to Sunlight (1d/30 minutes; Variable, -40%) [-9]; Wealth (Dead Broke) [-25].

Quirks: Distinctive Feature (Albino) [-1]; Habit (Quotes "Modernized" Shakespeare) [-1].

Skills: Area Knowledge (New York City Sewer/Subway System) (E) IQ+2 [4] – 12; Climbing (A) DX+1 [4] – 10; Filch (A) DX+1 [4] – 10; Literature (H) IQ+0 [4] – 10; Panhandling (E) IQ+2 [4] – 12; Public Speaking (Storytelling) (E) IQ+1 [2] – 11; Scrounging (E) Per+0 [1] – 12; Streetwise (A) IQ+0 [2] – 10; Urban Survival (A) Per+0 [2] – 12.

Starting Spending Money: $0.

* Includes +14 from Enhanced ST.

Role-Playing Notes:

Caliban is a lonely man. Although he has friends in the Morlocks, he thinks he will never find love, and will likely obsess over any pretty woman who shows him the slightest affection.

TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
Punch 1d-2 cr C 7 11
Enhanced ST 2d+1 cr C 7 25
Kick 1d-1 cr C, 1 n/a 11
Enhanced ST 2d+2 cr C, 1 n/a 25