Coming of the Devourer

Strange portents and dangerous prophecies abound in this post-post-apocalyptic world of magic and ultra-technology, indicating the coming of an otherworldly invader intent on total destruction. The Atlantic coastline of North America is to be the front lines; if the menace is stopped early on, then the world can rest safely, for a short time at least.

Spurred on by Plato's message of warning, the major powers (the Coalition, Lazlo, Ishpeming, Manistique, Tolkeen, New Lazlo, New German Republic, and Atlantis) and almost every smaller independent kingdom and settlement have begun preparations to defend against this threat, as well as sending out exploratory parties to locate it, so far without success.

Game Location: IRC, server to be decided. More information is available in #gurps on or #gurps on; GM goes by the handle "Phantasm" on both servers.
Game Time: To be decided.

In-Universe Starting Date: March 18, 102 PA
Rate Game Time Passes: We'll see.
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Action/Adventure.
Realistic/Cinematic? Slightly cinematic.
Multiple Planes of Existence? It's "Rifts". Duh. ^_^ It is unlikely that other planes will be visited in the course of the campaign, but it is possible to summon creatures from other planes.
Campaign's Base Locale: Curfman Barony, in what used to be the State of Maryland.

Economics: The Barony, as well as most of the region, uses the dollar as currency, usually in the form of silver and gold coins. One dollar is equal to 5 Coalition Credits. This dollar originated in the Republic, and has spread to become the dominant currency of the Atlantic coastline. As we are using GURPS 4e as the game's system, one local dollar will be equal to one GURPS $.

Character Information

System Used: GURPS 4e. A conversion from Rifts to GURPS is available upon request.
Useful Character Types: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Psion, Scholar/Scientist, Technician, Medic, Investigator.
Useless/Forbidden Character Types: Demon, Lone Wolf, Gang Member.
PC Races Allowed: Human, Dog Boy, Shemarrian, Simvan, randomly-generated D-Bee. Others by request.
Are PC Cybernetics/Bionics Allowed: Yes.
Are PC Mages Allowed: Yes.
Are PC Psionics Allowed: Yes.
Are PC Super-Powers Allowed: No.
Are PC Gadgeteers Allowed: Provisionally.
Legal/Social Restrictions on these abilities: Some areas frown upon the use of cybernetics/bionics, magic, and/or psionics. Coalition troops in the area will probably shoot mages on sight unless ordered not to.

Primary House Rules:
(Fortunately for you, I have most of the necessary books.)

Optional Rules:
(borrowed from other sources)

Alignment: The nine alignments used by D&D2/3.x is useful when deciding the character's moral compass, and should be used in place of the linear list provided in the Rifts main book.

Motvation: The various Motivations listed in the DC Heroes game are useful in determining why the character does what s/he does. Selecting a motivation from the list is entirely optional. The full list is as follows: Upholding the Good, Seeking Justice, Responsibility of Power, Unwanted Power, Thrill of Adventure, Mercenary, Nihilist, Power Lust, and Psychopathic.

The two often work hand in hand; the GM reserves the right to reject any combination of alignment and motivation that doesn't work. While a chaotic good mercenary may work, a lawful good psychopath certainly will not. I reserve the right to reject anyone with Nihilist, Power Lust, and Psychopathic motivations; those are included mainly for completeness and NPCs.

Example: A Cyber-Knight is best described as being Good-aligned, often Lawful (but this can vary), with the Upholding the Good motivation.

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