Status: Inactive
System: Rifts (Palladium).

T1-K1 was a homicidal, psychopathic, amoral killer robot I played in one Rifts game. I based him on HK-47, from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, replacing the term "meatbag" with "meatsack". The other players in the game were a Headhunter and a Gunslinger, with a CS Grunt as the GM-PC. This game came to an end in a rather anticlimactic debate, when T1 backhanded the GM-PC's unarmored face, doing 6 mega-damage (or 600 SDC/HP damage), which would normally have killed her. However, the GM immediately ruled that the backhand only did 6 SDC damage (even a restrained punch would not have done that little, doing a minimum of 29 damage). This resulted in the game being suspended for the night, as arguements erupted over that ruling. The game never did resume.

I would definitely play T1-K1 again, as he was a blast to play, but it'd have to be in a game where such a character would fit.

RCC: Bot (Sourcebook 1)
Level: 1
Exp: 0

Gender: Neuter
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'
Weight: 600 lbs
Optics: Red
Hair: N/A
Other Distinguishing Features: Robot!

Alignment: Miscreant.
Disposition: Cold, heartless, eminently logical.
Sentiments to Coalition: Targets.
Sentiments to Humans: Targets.
Sentiments to Non-Humans: Targets.
Type of Intelligence: Neural intelligence.

IQ: 23 Skill Bonus: +9% Perception: +4
ME: 10
MA: 9
PS: 40 Lift: 1,600 lbs. Carry: 800 lbs.
PP: 22
PE: 11
PB: 6
Spd: 22
MDC: 420
PPE: 0

Money: 0 cr.
Black Market: 1,325 cr.

Clock Calendar
RCC Abilities:
20 year Nuclear Power Supply
Advanced Audio System
Wide-Band Radio Receiver (25 miles)
Universal Headjack
Bug Detector (50 ft)
Radar Signal Detector: 80%
Audio Recorder: 48 hrs playback
Basic Robot Optics
Laser Targeting: +1 to hit with aimed ranged weapon
Telescopic Vision: 6,000 ft; 20 ft image area
Thermo-Imager: 2,000 ft
RCC Skills:
General Military Program:
Radio: Basic: 94%
Mathematics: Basic: 98%
Pilot Automobile: 94%
Pilot Hovercraft: 94%
Land Navigation: 94%
Language: American: 94%
Language: Spanish: 94%
Language: Euro: 94%
Language: Dragonese: 94%
Language: Techno-can: 94%
Demolitions Program:
Demolitions: 94%
Demolitions Disposal: 94%
WP: Heavy
Espionage Spy:
Intelligence: 80%
Tracking: 80%
Disguise: 80%
Escape Artist: 80%
Pick Locks: 80%
Photography: 80%
Radio: Scrambler: 80%
Basic Electronics: 80%
Physical Program:
Hand to Hand: Expert
Climbing: 94%
Swimming: 94%
Gymnastics: 94%
WP: Paired
Weapon Proficiencies:
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Energy Rifle
WP: Heavy Energy
WP: Automatic & Semiautomatic Rifle
WP: Blunt
WP: Sword
WP: Submachine Gun
Secondary Skills:
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 5
Initiative: +4
Strike: +7
w/ Assault Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Blunt: +1
w/ Energy Pistol: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Energy Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Heavy: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Heavy Energy: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Submachine Gun: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Sword: +1
Parry: +9
w/ Blunt: +1
w/ Sword: +1
Dodge: +10
Critical: Natural 18+
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Damage: +25
Restrained Punch: 4d6+25
Full-Strength Punch: 1d6 MDC
Power Punch: 2d6 MDC
Kick: 1d6 MDC
Leap Kick: 2d4 MDC
Body Block/Tackle: 1d4 MDC
Judo Flip/Throw: 1d6+25 SDC
Light Machine Gun
Cartridge: 7.62mm NATO
Damage: 5d6 per round
Rate of Fire: 80 per melee attack
Range: 3,000 ft.
3 250-round belts
1 250-round belt of Ramjet Ammo (3d6x10 SDC/1 MDC)

TX-30 Triax Ion Pulse Rifle
Damage: 2d6 MD single-shot; 6d6 triple pulse burst
Rate of Fire: Standard
Range: 2,000 ft
Payload: 40 w/ Short E-clip, 50 w/ FSE-clip
Ammo: 3 FSE-clips

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