Status: Inactive
System: Heroes Unlimited 2e (Palladium).

Slym was a character I made for a post-apocalyptic Heroes Unlimited game. I took his name from the nickname given to his inspiration: Scott "Slim" Summers, aka Cyclops. At the same time, I developed a character for another player based on Jean Grey, named "Redd"; we intended for the characters to be 'life-partners', or married.

Problems plagued this game from the start. A number of us were not pleased when the GM made certain 'mutations' from the book mandatory, rather than the optional the book calls for. (This person tended to treat every optional table as mandatory for his characters, whether as a GM or a player.) Interest waned, and the game died.

Real Name: Slym
Power Category: Mutant
Education Level: Trade School/OJT
Level: 3
Exp: 4,110
Needed: 8,250

Gender: Male
From: N'Yak
Native Language: American English
Age: 20
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Red/Brown, Glowing
Hair: Raven Blue
Other Distinguishing Features: Angelic Face

Alignment: Scrupulous
Birth Order: Second Born
Manifested: Early Teens
Reason for mutation: Unknown

IQ: 13
ME: 27
MA: 14
PS: 12 Lift: 240 lbs. Carry: 120 lbs.
PP: 11
PE: 24
PB: 19 Charm/Impress: 45%
Spd: 13
HP: 49
SDC: 140
PPE: 24

Money: $900

Super Energy Expulsion
Energy Type: Concussive Force
Focus: Eyes
Range: 640 ft.
5D6 normal blast
6D6x2 super-blast
Duration: Instant
Attacks/Melee: Normal: Standard; Super: all but 1
Bonuses: +3 aimed, +1 wild
Absorb, Channel, and re-Fire any energy
Range: 620 ft.
Damage: Same as above
Duration: Instant
Attacks/Melee: Same
Bonuses: +3 aimed, +1 wild
Limitation: Every usage does 2D6 HP damage
Aura Effect
Range: 10 ft.
Damage: 1D6+2
Duration: 2 attacks
Bonuses: automatically hits all within range
Ricochet Blast
For each ricochet: -1 to strike, -1D6 damage
Impervious to Concussive Force Blasts
Half damage from all other energy attacks
Eye glow can be increased to 60 watts power

Extraordinary Mental Endurance
Save vs. Psionics: 12 or better

Extraordinary Physical Endurance
Fatigues 1/10th normal

Small, Retractable Claws
Damage: 2D4
Automatic Skills:
Pilot Automobile: 64%
Basic Math: 55%
Language: Native: 85%
Literacy: Native: 60%
Scholastic Skills:
Espionage Program:
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Detect Ambush: 55%
Intelligence: 55%
Wilderness Survival: 55%
Tracking: 50%
Criminal Program
Streetwise: 39%
Pick Locks: 55%
Prowl: 50%
Safecracking: 39%
Palming: 45%
Secondary Skills:
Advanced Math: 55%
Cook: 45%
General Repair/Maintenance: 45%
First Aid: 55%
Land Navigation: 40%
Swimming: 60%
Climbing: 60%/50%
Pilot: Motorcycle: 68%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 4
Initiative: +2
Strike: +2
Parry: +3
Dodge: +3
Disarm: +2
Roll w/ Impact: +3
Pull Punch: +3
Punch: 1D4
Claws: 2D4
Karate Punch: 2D4
Karate Kick: 2D6
Snap Kick: 1D6
Roundhouse Kick: 3D6
Backward Sweep: Knockdown
Wheel Kick: 2D6
Saving Throws:
vs. Coma/Death: +18%
vs. Psionics: +6, 12 or better saves
vs. Insanity: +10
vs. Mind-Altering Drugs: +6
vs. Horror Factor: +6
vs. Possession: +6
vs. Magic Illusions: +1
vs. Magic: +4
vs. Poisons: +4
4 changes Clothes
Binoculars: 1600 ft. range
Basic Lock-Pick Set
Cross Bar
Lock File
1 Qt. waterskin
4-Person Tent
Mess Kit
3 Heavy Blankets
Saddelbags (for motorcycle)
Leather Jacket
Armor Vest (scavenged)
AR: 10
SDC: 36 (new is 50)
AR: 5
SDC: 75
Speed: 110 mph
Range: 350 mi

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