Robert Caldwell

Status: Available
System: Heroes Unlimited 2e

Robert Caldwell was a character inspired by the movie Mystery Men, so much so that his backstory contains elements of the movie. In particular, he was designed as a character who would have appeared after Captain Amazing was killed, having been part of the first wave of police trained and equipped to deal with superhuman threats. He's suitable for any comic book universe that has super-powers operating openly, such as those of Marvel, DC, Malibu, and Image with little to no alteration to the character himself.

Sadly, I haven't had much of a chance to actually play him. The one game I was going to use him in died before I could introduce him. I would love a chance to bring him out for a game, perhaps even going so far as to convert him to another system (GURPS and Tri-Stat/BESM come to mind).

Power Category: Hardware: Weapons Expert
Education Level: Trade school (Police SWAT Academy)
Level: 2
Exp: 3,450
Needed: 4,600

Gender: Male
From: Champion City (modify as appropriate)
Native Language: English
Age: 22
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 14
ME: 12
MA: 11
PS: 21 Lift: 840 lbs. Carry: 420 lbs.
PP: 23
PE: 15
PB: 11
Spd: 31 Run: mph: 25 ft/melee: 155 ft/action: 31
HP: 19
SDC: 80
PPE: 6
HF: 8

Money: $2,000

Automatic Skills:
Pilot Automobile: 60%
Basic Math: 60%
Language: English: 75%
Literacy: English: 50%
Power Category Skills:
WP: Revolver
WP: Automatic Pistol
WP: Automatic Rifle
WP: Bolt-Action Rifle
WP: Energy Rifle
WP: Shotgun
WP: Heavy
WP: Whip
WP: Sword
Demolitions: 87%
Demolitions Disposal: 87%
Find Contraband: 50%
Basic Electronics: 45%
Basic Mechanics: 55%
Make & Modify Weapons: 86%
Recognize Weapon Quality: 30% (sight), 55% (examination)
Paired Firearms
Quick-Draw Initiative
Scholastic Skills:
Police/Law Enforcement Skill Program
Radio: Basic: 65%
Criminal Science: 55%
Law (general): 45%
Intelligence: 51%
Physical/Athletic Skill Program:
Body Building
Prowl: 45%
Secondary Skills:
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Play Musical Instrument: Clarinet: 40%
First Aid: 50%
Cardshark: 28%
Streetwise: 24%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 5
w/ Guns: 6
w/ Sharpshooting: 7
Initiative: +2
w/ Quick Draw: +3
Strike: +6
Aimed: +2
w/ Automatic Pistol: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Automatic Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Bolt-Action Rifle: +3 aimed
w/ Energy Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Heavy Weapons: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Revolver: +4 aimed
w/ Shotgun: +3 aimed, +1 burst (when applicable)
w/ Sword: +1
w/ Whip: +1
Parry: +10
w/ Sword: +1
Dodge: +10
Disarm: +2
w/ Gun, Called shot: +3
Roll w/ Impact: +6
Pull Punch: +3
Pin/Incapacitate: Natural 18, 19, 20
Knockout: Natural 20
Damage: +6
Backhand: 1D6
Punch: 1D4
Elbow/Forearm: 1D6
Kick: 2D4
Knee: 1D6
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4
Crush/Squeeze: 1D4
Saving Throws:
vs. Horror Factor: +1
2 pair handcuffs
40 ft. rope
Utility belt
Duffle bag
Magnifying lens (for detail work)
Pen-sized flashlight
Full-sized flashlight
Pocket tape recorder
35mm camera
Telescopic Weapon Sight
Passive Night Vision Weapon Sight
Field Radio
Well-Stocked Workshop at home
Hard Armor, Full Suit
AR: 16
SDC: 260
Wt: 20 lbs.
Movement Penalty: -15%
Brass Knuckles
Damage: 1D6

Survival Knife
Damage: 1D6

Damage: 1D8+2

Steel Whip
Damage: 2D6

88mm "Vehicle Stopper" Pistol
Damage: 3D6 x 20 SDC
Range: 240 ft.
Feed: 1
Ammo: 5 rounds regular explosive

Colt .45 Automatic Pistol
Cartridge: .45 ACP
Damage: 4D6
PV: 4
Feed: 6 round box mag
Range: 160 ft.
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto
Ammo: 5 clips regular ammo, 5 clips glaser, 5 clips dum-dums

SAR-21 Assault Rifle
Cartridge: 5.56mm
Damage: 3D6
PV: 5
Feed: 30 round box mag
Range: 1970 ft.
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto, 3-round burst
Ammo: 5 clips regular ammo, 5 clips glaser, 5 clips dum-dums

Ed Brown Tactical .308 Sniper Rifle
Cartridge: .308/7.62mm
Damage: 4D6
PV: 5
Feed: 5 shot box mag
Range: 3000 ft.
Rate of Fire: Aimed only
Ammo: 5 clips regular ammo, 5 clips glaser, 5 clips dum-dums

Combat Shotgun
Cartridge: 12 gauge
Damage: 4D6 buckshot, 5D6 slug
PV: 4 buckshot, or 5 slug
Feed: 12 round box mag
Range: 300 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single shot only, or 3-round burst
Ammo: 5 clips slug, 5 clips buckshot, 5 clips rocksalt, 5 clips AP, 5 clips flechette

PIM203 Underslung Rifle Grenade Launcher
Caliber: 40mm
Damage: 1D6 x 10
Blast Radius: 10 ft.
Feed: 1
Range: 1300 ft.
Ammo: 20 rounds explosive

MM-1 Multiple Grenade Launcher ("Auto-Chunker")
Caliber: 40mm
Damage: 1D6 x 10
Blast Radius: 10 ft
Feed: 12
Range: 1150 ft.
Ammo: 24 rounds explosive

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