Status: Inactive
System: Heroes Unlimited 2e/Rifts

Phantasm is essentially a rip-off of the DC Comics character of the same name. The DC character is obscure enough, however, that several of the gamers in the group at the time believed that he was an original creation of mine.

The DC character was a telekinetic by the name of Danny Chase, a member of the New Titans in the late 1980s and early 1990s, who, during the Titans Hunt storyline which killed a number of the Titans, faked his own death and created the cover identity of "Phantasm" by appropriating a bolt of brown fabric, a pair of gloves, a hockey mask, and a toy robotic voice changer, which he manipulated telekinetically. Sometimes, he would manipulate them from within, but other times he would manipulate them from a distance. Danny Chase died at the end of that story arc, while the Phantasm identity was taken over by a group of disembodied souls.

My version of Phantasm is an inner city kid whose powers manifested early on in puberty, the quintessential "98 pound weakling". I haven't used him in many games; the one that stands out is a game where everyone in it had psionic powers of some sort. I built Phantasm using the Master Psionic Power Category in Heroes Unlimited Second edition; as the game took place on Rifts Earth, I delved into the Rifts Conversion Book and nearly ended up doubling his power, raw and applied. I intended him to be almost strictly possessing physical psionic powers; the game system, however, was against me, as I ended up giving him 41 distinct psionic powers from all the categories. I almost literally ran out of powers to give him!

Joe was fairly fun to play: a super-hero in Rifts Earth. I'm not sure if I'd pull him out to play again, however. He's too powerful for most games.

Real Name: Joe Brown
Power Category: Master Psionic
Level: 7
Exp: 38,620
Needed: 50,920

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Note: His teammates don't know what this guy truly looks like.

Alignment: Scrupulous
Disposition: Secretive, terribly mysterious (in costume); slacker (out of costume)
Education Level: Trade School
Cash: $200
Credits: 9,075 cr
Gold: 9 coins

IQ: 12 Perception: +1
ME: 26
MA: 9
PS: 6 Carry: 60 lbs. Lift: 120 lbs.
PP: 11
PE: 11
PB: 9
Spd: 10
HP: 45
SDC: 30
PPE: 9 (19 in Rifts)
ISP: 198 (396 in Rifts)
Chi: 11
HF: 14 (in costume)

Psionic Abilities:
Range: 70 ft.
Duration: 28 minutes
ISP Cost: Vapor: 6; Solid: 12

Ectoplasmic Disguise
Duration: 70 minutes
ISP Cost: 12
Proficiency: 68%

Duration: 2 hours
ISP Cost: 8

Range: 60 ft.
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost:
small: 2
medium: 6
large: 6 per 10 lbs.

Telekinetic Acceleration Attack
Range: 110 ft.
ISP Cost: 10 for SDC, 20 for MDC
Damage: 2D4x10 SDC, or 3D6+4 MDC

Telekinetic Punch
Range: up to 1 ft.
ISP Cost: 6
Damage: 4D6 SDC

Object Read
Range: Touch
Duration: 2D6 minutes
ISP Cost: 6
Impressions: 68%
Images: 60%
Present: 50%, costs 4 additional ISP

Presense Sense
Range: 60 ft. radius
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost: 4

Alter Aura
Range: Self
Duration: 7 hour
ISP Cost: 2

Telekinetic Lift
Range: Self or Touch
Duration: 14 melees / 3.5 minutes
ISP Cost: 6

Telekinetic Push
Range: Touch or 7 ft.
Duration: Instant
ISP Cost: 4
Apparent PS: 22

Super Telekinesis
Range: 100 ft.
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost: 10 per 100 lbs.
Damage: 1D4x10 SDC per 100 lbs.

Telekinetic Force Field
Range: 280 ft.
Volume: 70 cu ft area
Duration: 70 minutes
SDC: 210
MDC: 175
ISP Cost: 30

Hypnotic Suggestion
Range: 12 ft.
Duration: Varies
ISP Cost: 6
Saving Throw: Standard

Telekinetic Leap
Range: Self
Duration: One melee action
ISP Cost: 8
Distance: an additional 21 ft. up, or 35 ft. across

Detect Psionics
Range: 210 ft.
Duration: 7 minutes
ISP Cost: 6

Mask ISP & Psionics
Range: Self
Duration: 70 minutes
ISP Cost: 7

Deaden Senses
Range: 160 ft
Duration: 2D6 minutes
ISP Cost: 4
Saving Throw: -1 to save

Spontaneous Combustion
Range: Touch or 10 ft.
Duration: Instant
ISP Cost: 6
Saving Throw: None

Sense Evil
Range: 140 ft.
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost: 2
Saving Throw: None

Sense Magic
Range: 120 ft.
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost: 3
Saving Throw: None

Surface Thoughts: 60 ft.
Two-Way Communication: 140 ft.
Duration: 14 minutes
ISP Cost: 4
Saving Throw: Conditional

Total Recall
Range: Self
Duration: Permanent
ISP Cost: 2

Sixth Sense
Range: 90 ft.
Duration: Until the danger passes or happens
ISP Cost: 2
Saving Throw: None
+6 to init
+2 to parry
+3 to dodge

See the Invisible
Range: 120 ft.
Duration: 7 minutes
ISP Cost: 4
Saving Throw: None

Resist Fatigue
Range: Self
Duration: 3 hours
ISP Cost: 4

Mind Block Auto-Defense
Range: Self
Duration: Special
ISP Cost: Special

Invisible Haze
Range: Self/Line of Sight
Duration: 6 minutes
ISP 30
Saving Throw: Standard

Range: Self
Duration: 35 minutes
ISP Cost: 30
Damage: 8d6

In Rifts:
Death Trance
Range: Self
Duration: up to 4 days
ISP Cost: 1

Impervious to Cold
Range: Self
Duration: 140 minutes
Length of Trance: 1D4 melees prep
ISP Cost: 2

Impervious to Fire
Range: Self
Duration: 21 minutes
Length of Trance: 2D4 melees prep
ISP Cost: 4

Impervious to Poison/Toxin
Range: Self
Duration: 2 minutes
ISP Cost: 4

Mind Block
Range: Self
Duration: 70 minutes
ISP Cost: 4

Range: 600 ft.
Duration: 70 minutes
ISP Cost: 4

Resist Hunger
Range: Self
Duration: 6 hours
ISP Cost: 2

Resist Thirst
Range: Self
Duration: 6 hours
ISP Cost: 6

Summon Inner Strength
Range: Self
Duration: 70 minutes
ISP Cost: 4

Range: 160 ft.
Duration 4D4 minutes
ISP Cost: 10
Saving Throw: Standard
Blind: Victims are -9 to strike/parry/dodge
Victims are -6 to parry/dodge from behind
-3 to strike/parry/dodge
lose initiative on all attacks
Mute: -2 to strike/parry/dodge first melee only
Pain: -6 to strike/parry/dodge, -1 to Hit Points/MDC
Paralysis: immobilizes the victim
Stun: Victims lose next attack, speed is halved, -4 to strike/parry/dodge.
Tissue Manipulation: -1 to strike/parry/dodge

Empathic Transmission
Range: 60 ft.
Duration: 2D6 minutes
ISP Cost: 6
Saving Throw: Standard
Despair/Sorrow: 50% chance of victim surrendering; victims are -2 to parry and dodge
Confusion: victims are -3 to s/p/d, and lose initiative
Fear: 66% chance of victim fleeing in terror; victims are -3 to parry/dodge
60% chance of victim attacking someone s/he dislikes
+1 to strike
-1 to parry/dodge
Love/Peacefulness: 60% chance to reconsider actions

Mind Bolt
Range: 100 ft.
Duration: Instant
1D6 SDC for 6 ISP
3D6 SDC for 12 ISP
6D6 SDC for 20 ISP
2D4 MDC for 40 ISP
Bonus: +4 to strike; +8 to strike for additional 10 ISP
Scholastic Skills:
Pilot: Automobile: 87%
Basic Math: 90%
Language: American: 98%
Literacy: American: 85%
Basic Electronics: 75%
Basic Radio: 90%
Radio: Scramblers: 80%
TV/Video: 64%
Cryptography: 70%
Electrical Engineer: 75%
Basic Mechanics: 75%
Computer Operation: 85%
Computer Repair: 70%
Secondary Skills:
Hand to Hand: Expert
Auto Mechanics: 55%
First Aid: 75%
Pilot: Water Scooters: 80%
Research: 80%
Pick Locks: 60%
Ventriloquism: 40%
WP: Knife
Prowl: 45%
WP: Sword
Land Navigation: 40%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 5
Initiative: +2
Strike: +2
w/ Ectoplasm: +1
w/ Knife: +1
w/ Sword: +1
w/ Teek Accel: +1
w/ Telekinesis: +3
w/ Thrown Knife: +1
Parry: +3
w/ Ectoplasm: +1
w/ Knife: +2
w/ Sword: +1
w/ Telekinesis: +4
Dodge: +3
w/ Ectoplasm: +5, automatic
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Damage: -3
Karate Kick: 2D4
Wheel Kick: 2D6
Backward Sweep
Critical: Natural 18, 19, or 20
Paired Weapons
Saving Throws:
vs. Psionics: 10 or better, +6 (+8 in Rifts)
vs. Insanity: +9
vs. Magic: +2 (in Rifts)
vs. Possession: +3 (in Rifts)
vs. Horror Factor: +3 (in Rifts)
Costume: bolt of brown fabric made into a robe; hockey mask; ragged gloves, and a (toy) robotic voice changer
Optics band (homemade)
Cell phone
Listening device (homemade)
Video briefcase (homemade)
Very good credit at Radio Shack
2 weeks rations
Bottled water
Mess kit
Propane burner
Sleeping bag
Analog PPE-meter
Partial Fury Beetle Armor
MDC: 19/40
Movement Penalty: -10%
Cost: $14,000
Wilk's 237 Backup Laser Pistol
Damage: 3D6 M.D. per single blast, 6D6 M.D. per double blast
Rate of Fire: Standard
Range: 500 ft.
8 double pulse shots per short E-Clip
16 double pulse shots per long E-Clip
Bonus to Strike: +2 on aimed shot
Cost: $24,000
Ammo: 2 short E-Clips ($5000 for second e-clip)
Phantasm's Bio:
Phantasm was born Joe Brown, a kid from the slums. At an early age, he discovered he had an affinity with electronic equipment. During his school years, instead of going into athletics or college prep, he opted for vo-tech school. It is during these years that his telekinetic powers first manifested.
Because of his small size and stature, Joe was picked on by nearly everyone in his classes. To help defend himself, he studied karate and judo while in school, as well as honing his telekinetic and ectoplasmic powers for subtle effects.
It was his desire to help others that started him in his super-hero career. At first, he tried being the plain-clothed vigilante with a ski mask. However, he got discouraged when the people he tried to stop did not take him seriously. Although he succeeded as often as not, he started looking for a way to make them take him seriously.
While in a toy store in a local mall, looking for ideas, he came across a toy robotic voice changer. As it was, he was in the store just as a supervillain attacked the mall. Grabbing the voice changer, he also grabbed a bolt of brown fabric and some gloves from a nearby clothing store and a hockey mask from the sporting goods store. Disguised as such, he entered the fray.
It wasn't easy, but he managed to subdue the villain. Then he faded into the woodwork. The media, having caught footage of the fight, dubbed him Phantasm. Smiling, Joe decided to keep the Phantasm identity.
Realizing that he could not hope to continue his fights alone, he sought out and joined a team of super-heroes, a group calling themselves the New Guardians, who were led by a wizard named Merlin. During this time, he managed to keep his identity as Joe Brown secret from the rest of his teammates, although he always suspected Merlin had figured it out. Phantasm was present in the battle that the New Guardians were killed. Seeing his teammate Zippo flee in terror through a portal, Phantasm followed. As the portal closed, he realized that he wasn't on his earth anymore; he was attacked by a minotaur. He managed to subdue the minotaur, shredding the brown robe in the process.
After wandering for a few days, he found himself approaching the area of Hamilton, Ontario. While there, he learned of the new world he'd found himself in. He left Hamilton after a few days, having been hired as a ranch hand for the nearby Cartier Fury Ranch. While there, tending to the fury beetles, he learned much of the way of the land. He also managed to recreate his uniform. After spending some time there, he decided to go where he could make a difference, and headed back to Hamilton. However, he lost his way and ended up in Lazlo. While in Lazlo, he works by day as an electrician, and still goes out after-hours as Phantasm.
He has recently learned of Zippo's reappearance as a mercenary for DemonBusters, and has paid his old teammate a visit. However, the two parted ways once again; DemonBusters was not for Joe. Joe has, however, wished Zippo well with his life.

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