Status: Inactive
System: Shadowrun 3e

Neahjah is, to date, my favorite Shadowrun character. She's an Owl Shaman from the Pueblo area (modern-day location: American South-West). There's one problem, though: she's cursed. I don't mean that in an in-character way; the curse appears to be that the games she's in die off quickly. So far, she's been in about 8 games, and in only one of them has the run actually neared completion.

If a Shadowrun game were to be announced, I'd probably pull her out for another run.

Real Name: Rebecca Moonshadow
Race: Elf
Shamanic Totem: Owl [+2 dice to conjuring and sorcery at night; +2 to TN for sorcery and conjuring during the day]

Age: 18
From: Pueblo Corporate Council
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 50 kg.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, worn down to the small of her back in a loose braid.
Skin Tone: Dusky.
Distinquishing Features: Tribal tattoos on face in owl-like "war paint" fashion (her shamanic mask often follows the same lines as her tattoos)

Rebecca Moonshadow is an anomaly this late in the Sixth World, a late-generation UGE baby... an elf born to normal human parents. Even worse, in her eyes, she is a half-breed; her mother is a prominant Coyote shaman in the Pueblo Corporate Council, and her father was a "paleskin" shadowrunner making the runs between Phoenix and Denver. Her mother always called her "Coyote's favorite running joke," which Rebecca thought was slightly demeaning.
However, it wasn't easy growing up a halfbreed in Navaho territory. Because of her mother's station, she didn't receive the same degee of ridicule other halfbreeds did, but she did feel the odd looks. Her own interests migrated into magical theory and the outside world, especially how magic related to the "mundane" sciences. To her, it was a blessing for Owl to choose her as a shaman, although her mother had clearly wanted her to be picked by Coyote.
When her father stopped by on a run when she was 18, she decided to see more of the outside world she'd read about, and signed on with him for a smuggling run to Seattle. He introduced her to a talismonger and a fixer out there, and set her up in her own safehouse, then took off on another run. Two days later, she heard of his death on the trid.
Physical Description
Neahjah, as she calls herself on the streets, stands around 1.65 m, with long black hair worn to the small of her back in a loose braid. She finds current magician fashions to be "tacky", instead prefering to wear simple jeans, boots, tank tops, and a leather jacket. Despite that, she has had tribal tattoos done into her face in an owl-like "war paint" design which mimics her shamanic mask. She's often seen with a wooden staff which she's slowly carving into a magical weapon focus.

Body: 4
Quickness: 6
Strength: 3
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 7
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5
Total Karma: 5

Money: 300 nY; 3,450 nY

Initiative: 5+1d6

Dice Pools:
Good Karma: 5
Karma Pool: 1
Combat Pool: 9
Astral Combat Pool: 9
Spell Pool: 6
Bonus Attribute Point: Willpower (+2)
Aptitude: Assensing (+4)
-1 TN for all tests
Perceptive (+3)
-1 TN on perception tests
Biorejection (Magic Active) (-2)
Pacifist: Never kills (-2)
Low Pain Tolerance (-4)
+1 to wound-related TN modifiers
Blatant Magic (-1)
Active Skills:
Aura Reading 6
Conjuring 6
Enchanting (Artificing) 3(5)
Polearm/Staff (Quarterstaff) 3(5)
Sorcery 6
Stealth 3
Knowledge Skills:
Magic 5
Chemistry 4
Physics 4
History of Relations Between
     Navahos and Whites
Military Hardware (Vehicles) 3(5)
Psychology 5
Computers (Hardware) 3(5)
Language Skills:
English 3
English R/W 1
Navajo 4
Navajo R/W 2
Japanese 2
Japanese R/W 1
Powerbolt 5
Heal 4
Clairvoyance (E) 6
Clairaudience (E) 6
Improved Invisibility 5
Fireball (F) 4
1 Low
1 Squatter
Regular Clothing
Desert Camo Clothing
Pocket Flashlight
Force 4 Expendable Spell Focus (x3)
Large flashlight
Trauma patch
Rating 4 Antidote Patch
Rating 4 Stimpatch.
Ration Bars (x10)
Water Purification Tablets
Damage: 5M Stun
Reach: 2
Conceal: 2
Legality: 8-C
Wt: 2
Secure Ultra-Vest
Conceal: 14
Ballistic: 3
Impact: 2
Wt: 2.5
Nightshadow - Talismonger (Level 1)
Like Neahjah, Nightshadow is a shaman. Unlike her, he follows the path of Mouse. Fortunately for her, that means that he can find her nearly any magical item she might want, and he can also instruct her in any spell she might want to learn later. It might take a few days, but he'll find it. For the right price, of course. He does have a business to run, after all, and she's not the only shaman he knows. He's hired her part time to help out in the store.

Inkjet - Tattoo Parlor/Weed Store Owner; Fixer (Level 1)
Inkjet is the Fixer Neahjah's father hooked her up with when she arrived in Seattle. The two don't know each other that well, although he is the one who gave her her tattoos.

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