Magnus Ironsmith

Status: Active
System: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder

Magnus was based off Miguel as far as personality and concept are concerned. Magnus differs in build and lacks psionics, but is essentially the same character.

I'm currently using Magnus in a Planescape game, where he hails from a Material Plane that is low-magic - magic exists and can work on that plane, but is primarily a 'craft magic'; spellcasters need extra time, don't make good adventurers, and are especially rare. So far, it's been a fun game.

Race: Human
Class: Fighter (Pathfinder)
Level: 6
XP: 15,000
Needed: 21,000

Gender: Male
From: the Barony of Galfallen
Age: 20
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 260 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Volstagg the Mighty, the Magnificent, the Enormous, the Vainglorious, the Voluminous, the Lion of Asgard; by extension, the entire Asgardian pantheon.

Physical Description:
Magnus is a large man by anyone's standards. He wears his brown hair cropped close. His plain brown linen shirt does nothing to hide his muscles. His eyes are brown, and gleam with an intelligence that his bulk tends to hide. When expecting combat, he wears a dull but still functional suit of full plate armor.
Magnus is a braggart about his combat abilities, which is all the more annoying to others because he's almost as good as he claims! His usual boast is of defeating an ever-increasing number of mounted warriors while on foot. Due to his background, he's distrustful of magic and uncertain about psionics, but he's come to respect clerics and individual arcane casters for their healing and buffing spells.
Magnus doesn't consider himself to be a knight, as he was never officially knighted by a nobleman. While he knows the basics of riding a horse and using the lance, he's much more capable on foot, with a sword and shield.
Despite all this, Magnus has a deeply-ingrained sense of honor. At times, he appears almost knightly in his honor.
Magnus Ironsmith hails from a small farming village in a low-magic medieval world, where he grew up as the son of the local blacksmith. At an early age, he became the assisant to a knight's weaponsmith; the knight was Sir Lennart, the nephew of the local baron. He quickly picked up the rudimentary skills of a knight, Sir Lennart, where his great strength, honed from years at the forge, became a definite asset.
Fairly recently, after Sir Lennart fell in battle (on the losing side of a conflict between two nobles), Magnus was forced to sell his services as a mercenary. While discussing terms with a prospective employer, he was brought over into the city of Sigil without realizing who the employer was. He's been there ever since, selling his services as a sword-for-hire.

Str: 18 +4
Dex: 12 +1
Con: 16 +3
Int: 15 +2
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 11 +0
HP: 10+3 +7+3 +9+3 +1+3 +6+3 +6+3 = 57
AC: 10 +1 (Dex) +9 (armor) +3 (shield) +1 (ring) = 24
Flatfooted: 10 +9 (armor) +3 (shield) +1 (ring) = 23
Touch: 10 +1 (Dex) +1 (ring) = 12
Speed: 30 ft; 20 ft in armor
Hit Die: d10

Light: 100 lbs
Medium: 200 lbs
Heavy: 300 lbs
GP: 518
SP: 20
CP: 15
Racial Abilities
Base speed 30 ft
Extra feat at First Level
4 extra skill points at first level
1 extra skill point each additional level
Class Features
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency: All
Shield Proficiency
Tower Shield Proficiency
Bonus feat at level 1 and every even-numbered level
Bravery (+2 to Will saves vs Fear)
Armor Training (reduce armor check penalty by 1, increase max dex by 1)
Weapon Training: Heavy Blades (+1 to attack and damage)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword (L1)
Power Attack (L1)
Cleave (L3)
Combat Reflexes (L6)
Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword (L1)
Combat Expertise (L2)
Weapon Specialization: Bastard Sword (L4)
Improved Shield Bash (L6)
GMly Bonus:
+2 to Intimidate; uses Str instead of Cha
When using Intimidate, your character has the option to simply boast at length about how mind-bogglingly awesome he, MAGNUS IRONSMITH, is. This is as opposed to threatening bodily harm of some sort.
Skills: Ranks Ability Ability
Athletics 9 Str +4 -5 -- +8
Craft (Armor) 9 Int +2 -- -- +11
Craft (Weapons) 9 Int +2 -- -- +11
Handle Animal 5 Cha +0 -- -- +5
Intimidate 9 Str +4 -- -- +13
Knowledge (Tactics) 9 Int +2 -- -- +11
Perception (cc) 4.5 Wis +1 -- -- +5
Profession (Storyteller)* 9 Wis +1 -- -- +10
Ride 4 Dex +1 -- -- +5

* background skill, points granted by GMly fiat

Base Attack: +6/+1
Melee Attack: +6/+1 (base) +4 (Str) = +10/+5
Ranged Attack: +6/+1 (base) +1 (Dex) = +7/+2
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +6/+1 (base) +4 (Str) +1 (Weapon Training) = +11/+6
Combat Maneuver Def: +6/+1 (base) +4 (Str) +1 (Dex) +1 (Weapon Training) = +12/+7
Init: +1 (Dex)
Fortitude Save: +5 (base) +3 (Con) +1 (cloak) = +9
Reflex Save: +2 (base) +1 (Dex) +1 (cloak) = +4
Will Save: +2 (base) +1 (Wis) +1 (cloak) = +4 (+5 vs Fear)
Magic Items:
Potion of Bear's Endurance
Potion of Bull's Strength
Potion of Cat's Grace
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Jump
Potion of Lesser Restoration
On Person:
Belt, leather
Belt Buckle, plain
Boots, low
Breeches, woolen
Cloak of Resistance +1
Hood, wool
Ring of Protection +1
Shirt, linen
Vest, leather
Handy Haversack
Armorsmith's Tools, Masterwork
Blanket, Winter
Bolt Cutters
Brewmaker, Dwarven
Climber's Kit
Breeches, Leather
Breeches, Woolen, x2
Cap, Wool
Coat, Woolen, Winter
Gloves, Leather
Shirt, Linen, x4
Shoes, Leather
Tunic, Cotton, x2
Grappling Hook
Lantern, Hooded
Mess Kit
Mill, Hand
Oil, 1 pt flask, x5
Pole, 10 ft
Pot, Iron
Rope, Hempen, 50 ft
Sealing Wax
Soap, 1 lb
Sunrod, x5
Tent, 2-person
Belt Pouch
28 gp
Flint & Steel
Mirror, Small Steel
Signal Whistle
Snow Goggles
Twine, 50 ft
Money Belt
10 gp
20 sp
18 cp
Water, 1 gallon
+1 Full Plate
AC Bonus: +9
Max Dex: +2
Armor Check: -5
Arcane Failure: 35%
Speed: 20 ft
Weight: 50 lbs

+1 Heavy Steel Shield
AC Bonus: +3
Armor Check: -2
Arcane Failure: 15%
Weight: 15 lbs
+1 Bastard Sword
Damage: 1d10+8
Attack: +13/+8
Critical: 19-20/x2
Weight: 6 lbs
Type: Slashing

Damage: 1d8+6
Attack: +10/+5
Critical: 20/x3
Type: Piercing

Shield Bash
Damage: 1d4+2
Attack: +10/+5
Critical: 20/x2
Type: Bludgeoning

Damage: 1d3+4 (main hand) or 1d3+2 (off hand)
Attack: +10/+5
Critica: 20/x2
Weight: 1 lb
Type: Bludgeoning

Damage: 1d2+4 (main hand) or 1d2+2 (off hand)
Attack: +10/+5
Critical: 20/x2
Type: Bludgeoning, Non-Lethal

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