Status: Inactive
System: Rifts (Palladium).

Krem-Lar was a character I designed for the Phase World setting. I took the skin color from the Kree of the Marvel Universe, and the name from a Kree character I'd made for a "Cosmic Avengers" storyline I'd been toying with. The character in question managed to survive a few face-to-face sessions before the GM's munchkinish tendencies caused me to stop playing.

As a character, I kinda like Krem-Lar. I may one day go back and redesign him for another space opera type setting - possibly in another system. He's generic enough to fit into any similar setting.

The charsheet below states that I rolled on the Random D-Bee Table in the Rifts main book. That's actually a lie to explain him to a GM who insisted that everything be "by the book". As an online friend once stated, "I didn't make the system; I just abused it." Despite this, he is no more powerful than a number of other characters, and actually less powerful than most.

RCC: Generic random alien (rolled on alien character generation tables)
OCC: Runner
Level: 2
Exp: 3,300
Needed: 4,200

Gender: Male
From: Center, Level 6
Native Language: Trade One
Age: 18 Center years
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: Blue skin

Alignment: Anarchist

IQ: 11
ME: 15
MA: 11
PS: 10 Lift: 200 lbs. Carry: 100 lbs.
PP: 26
PE: 14
PB: 10
Spd: 18
HP: 17
SDC: 50
PPE: 2

Money: 2,900 credits
Black Market: 11,000 credits

Natural Abilities:
Energy Attack
Damage: 1D6 M.D.
OCC Skills:
Language: Trade Four: 75%
Language: Trade Six: 70%
Basic Math: 70%
Radio: Basic: 65%
Radio: Scramblers: 50%
Cryptography: 40%
Zero-Gravity Movement: 98%
EVA: 50%
Pilot: Starship: 55%
Pilot: Space Fighter: 68%
Weapon Systems: 50%
Read Sensory Equipment: 50%
Streetwise: 36%
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Knife
H2H: Basic
OCC Related Skills:
Advanced Math: 50%
Literacy: Trade Four: 45%
Navigation: Space: 45%
Mechanical Engineer: 30%
Electrical Engineer: 35%
Spacecraft Mechanics: 27%
Secondary Skills:
Computer Operation: 45%
Electronic Countermeasures: 35%
Depressurization Training
Forgery: 25%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 4
Strike: +6
w/ Energy Pistol: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Knife: +1
w/ Thrown Knife: +1
Parry: +8
w/ Knife: +1
Dodge: +8
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Small wardrobe of casual clothes
Handheld Computer
Handheld Communicator
Two sets of forged ID papers
Piloting license
Light Combat Armor
MDC: 80
Weight: 18 lbs.
Prowl Penalty: -10%
3 Vibro-Knives
Damage: 1D6 M.D.

C-18 Laser Pistol (Equivalent)
Damage: 2D4 M.D.
Range: 800 ft.
Rate of Fire: Standard
Payload: 10 shots
Ammo: 10 E-clips

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