The Electric Redneck

Status: Inactive
System: Rifts

Jethro was another "experiment" character I'd come up with. At the time, I had recently got hold of the Rifts Conversion Book, which mentioned that some characters could be Rifts natives and have what other systems call "super-powers". My curiosity piqued, I went about rolling such a critter up. I had a preference for the Vagabond OCC, considered by many to be the least effective of all the Rifts classes, so I used that.

My biggest problem with playing Jethro is that he works best in silly-type games; I really can't get into those for very long. I can't make him sound enough like Jeff Foxworthy to truly make him a "redneck". So far, Jethro's appeared in a number of one-shot games, but I really don't plan on resurrecting him for any long-term campaigns.

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weight: Thin
Height: Short
Disposition: Schemer, gambler, takes chances
Family Origin: Earth natives
Type of Environment: Little farm community
Sentiments to Coalition: Wary
Sentiments to Non-Humans: Hates all demons and supernatural creatures, including dragons, indifferent to all others
Insanity: Obsessed with Destroying Small Furry Rodents.

OCC: Vagabond
Alignment: Anarchist
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Needed: 1875

IQ: 11
ME: 7
MA: 9
PS: 10
PP: 6
PE: 15
PB: 7
Spd: 5
HP: 19
SDC: 22
PPE: 4

Money: $4000

Super Powers:
Energy Expulsion: Electricity
Can fire electrical discharges from his hands, each blast counts as one H2H attack
Damage: 3D6 MDC (+1D6 MDC per level of experience)
Range: 400 ft
Bonuses: +3 for aimed, +1 if firing wild

Energy Resistance
No damage for the first 30 MDC points of damage per round, 1/2 damage for all attacks above 30 points.
Invulnerable to Stun energy weapons.
Applicable to energy attacks only.
OCC Skills:
Language: American: 90%
Language: Spanish: 90%
Cook: 45%
Pilot: Automobile: 65%
OCC Related Skills:
Radio: Basic: 45%
Basic Electronics: 30%
Basic Mechanics: 30%
First Aid: 50%
Automotive Mechanics: 25%
H2H: Basic
Pilot: Motorcycle: 65%
Carpentry: 25%
Secondary Skills:
Photography: 35%
Play Musical Instrument: Tin Whistle: 35%
Play Musical Instrument: Banjo: 35%
Fishing: 40%
WP: Archery
WP: Bolt-Action Rifle
Combat bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 2
w/ Bow: 2
w/ Rifle: +3 aimed
w/ Bow: +1
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Extra flannel shirt & denim overalls
Straw Hat
Leather jacket
Combat boots
Wallet w/ ID
35mm camera
Fishing rod
Tackle box
Tin whistle
Damage: 1D6 SDC

Winchester 12-Gauge Defender Shotgun
Range: 250 ft.
Damage: 4D6 SDC buckshot, 5D6 SDC slug
Feed: 7 shot tubular magazine
Type: Slide-action repeater
Ammo: has 20 rounds buckshot
Rusted-through pre-Rifts Ford F-150
SDC: 250
Top Speed: 50mph

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