Haji Garai

Status: Inactive
System: Rifts, using an Aliens Unlimited race

Haji was designed as a hybrid character. It was mentioned in the Aliens Unlimited supplement for Heroes Unlimited that some of the aliens listed there could be found on Rifts Earth, so I went ahead and used one of their amphibian races - a Sorinam, a kind of "humanoid frog" - with a Rifts magic-user character class. I kinda like the end result.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to play Haji that often. The first GM who would have accepted him was the same one whose game I and three others walked out on for various reasons. I haven't had a chance yet to run him past any other GMs; most of my time since making him has been playing in other systems and/or GMing. I'm kinda curious to see how he'd work out.

RCC: Sorinam
OCC: Line Walker
Level: 1
Exp: 0
Needed: 2,240

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A
Other Distinguishing Features: Vibrant yellow skin accentuated by black stripes; wide, flat head.

Alignment: Unprincipled (Chaotic Good)
Disposition: Curious

IQ: 17 Perception: +1
ME: 14
MA: 14
PS: 12 Lift: 240 lbs. Carry: 120 lbs.
PP: 14
PE: 21
PB: 14
Spd: 23 running; 230 swimming
HP: 24
SDC: 48
PPE: 101
ISP: 23

Money: 2,000 cr
Black Market: 7,000 cr

Natural Abilities:
Keen, polarized vision
Sensitive hearing
Hold breath for 40 minutes
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 2 minutes
ISP: Small: 3; Medium: 8; Large: 8 + 1 per every 10 lbs
Combat Bonuses:
Strike: +3
Parry: +4
Parrying w/ sheer TK force counts as a medium object

TK Push
Range: Touch or 1 ft
Duration: Instant
ISP: 4
Saving Throw: None
Effective PS: 17
Damage: 1d4+2
OCC Abilities:
Sense Ley Line
Range: 10 miles
Locate: 33%

Sense Nexus
Must be on line
Locate: 43%

Sense Rift
Range: 50 miles

Sense Magic in Use
Range: 100 ft

See Magic Energy
Minimum of 20 PPE must be present
Can see things made invisible by magic

Read Ley Lines
Get details on location/length of line
Also can sense any natural disasters along the line

Ley Line Transmission
Send audio or visual message to anyone on line
Not secured transmission

Ley Line Phasing
Teleport to place on line
Requires 1d4 melees (15-60 seconds)
Max per hour: 4
Max per day: 5

Line Drifting
Walk through air along the ley line
Spd 10

Ley Line Rejuvination
Double rate of natural healing
Instant Healing possible
Once every 24 hours
Heals 2d6 HP and 2d6 SDC
Prep time: 10 minutes

Ley Line Observation Ball
Floating scout about the size of a soccer ball
SDC: 1
Range: 500 ft
Spd: 33
Bonuses: +3 to dodge
OCC Skills:
Language: American (Native)
Language: Spanish: 68%
Language: Dragonese: 68%
Climbing: 48%/38%
Land Navigation: 43%
Wilderness Survival: 38%
Pilot: Hovercraft: 58%
Lore: Demons & Monsters: 38%
Math: Basic: 58%
OCC Related Skills:
Literacy: American: 38%
Literacy: Dragonese: 38%
Astronomy: 38%
Lore: D-Bees: 33%
Lore: Magic: 33%
Lore: Psychics & Psionics: 33%
Research: 48%
Secondary Skills:
Computer Operation: 43%
Lore: Faerie: 28%
Mythology: 33%
Hand to Hand: Basic
WP: Sub-machinegun
WP: Energy Rifle
Blinding Flash
Range: 10 ft radius, up to 60 ft away
Duration: Instant
Saving throw: Standard; -1 if 3 PPE points are pumped into it
PPE: 1

Lantern Light
Range: 10 ft; can light up a room
Duration: 30 minutes
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 1

See Aura
Range: 100 ft
Duration: 15 seconds/one melee
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 6

Range: Self or by touch
Duration: 4.5 minutes/18 melees
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 6

Range: Self; or one person up to 10 ft away; or two by touch
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 6

Turn Dead
Range: up to 60 ft away
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Standard
PPE: 6
Animated Dead Turned/Repelled: 1d6

Armor of Ithan
Range: Self or by touch
Duration: one minute/4 melees
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 10
MDC: 10

Energy Bolt
Range: 150 ft
Duration: Instant
Damage: 4d6 SDC
Saving Throw: Dodge of 18+
PPE: 5

Magic Shield
Range: Self or Other
Duration: 2 minutes/8 melees
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 6
MDC: 60

Carpet of Adhesion
Range: 30 ft
Duration: 2.5 minutes/10 melees
Saving Throw: Standard; if made, takes 2d6 melees to pull free
PPE: 10
Area: 200 sq ft

Fire Bolt
Range: 100 ft
Duration: Instant
Damage: 4d6 MDC or 1d6 x 10 SDC
Saving Throw: Dodge
PPE: 7

Range: 100 ft
Duration: 2 minutes
Saving Throw: None
PPE: 7
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 4
w/ Energy Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Sub-Machinegun: +3 aimed, +1 burst
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Saving Throws:
vs. Coma/Death: +12%
vs. Magic: +3
vs. Poisons/Toxins: +3
vs. Horror Factor: +4
Tattered Robe
Standard clothing
Traveling clothing
2 small sacks
Large sack
6 wooden stakes
Tinted goggles
Air filter and gas mask
100 ft lightweight rope
Grappling hook
Homemade MDC Armor
MDC: 35
Mobility: -10% to climb, prowl, etc
Survival Knife
Damage: 1d6 SDC

Hand Axe
Damage: 1d8 SDC

MP-23A Sub-machinegun
Cartridge: 10mm Caseless
Damage: 4d6 SDC
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto; Burst; Full Auto
Range: 1,800 ft
Payload: 100 round box magazine
Ammo: 2 clips

Wilk's 447 Laser Rifle
Damage: 3d6 MDC
Rate of Fire: Standard
Payload: 20 shots
Bonus to Strike: +1
Haji is a third-generation D-Bee who hails from the nation of Kingsdale. While his parents and grandparents are able to speak the Sorinam's native tongue, Haji never bothered to learn it as there was no need; no one else in Kingsdale spoke it.
As he entered his second decade of life, Haji attended the Kingsdale School of Wizardry, a for-profit school indirectly tied to the Kingsdale Magickal Guild. There, he studied in-depth classes dealing with defending against technological and magical threats,
His biggest rival in the School was Burt Merryfinker, the only son of a long-standing mage on the city's Senate. Over the eight years they spent at the school, the two clashed repeatedly, often with disasterous results for both. Most of the time, Haji was the only one who stood up against Burt throwing his weight around.
Haji as recently graduated from the School, and has left town to satisfy his insatiable curiosity about the rest of the world.

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