Centurion Gruun'tacck

Status: Inactive
System: Rifts

Gruun'tacck was a double playtest character in a Rifts Phase World/Aliens Unlimited/Robotech crossover game, based on an alien race I'd come up with for my Andromeda Venture setting. I was playtesting both the racial package and the OCC; the OCC came out perfect on the first run, but the racial package ended up needing work. I ultimately cut the SDC/MDC in half; having this character leap into a fray and coming away with minor laser burns that didn't even faze him seemed a little overwhelming. (As he was in a game with Cosmo-Knights, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.)

Gruun was a riot to play. Because I'd picked a character that didn't speak English, I had him using a translator from his home universe; this led to some very amusing mistranslations. I may one day decide to play Gruun again, should a space opera game pop up again.

RCC: K'Hissh
OCC: Starfighter Pilot
Level: 7
Exp: 39,035
Needed: 41,600

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 7' 4"
Length: 15' 2"
Weight: 920 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A
Other Distinguishing Features: Large, reptilian alien; bipedal, but not humanoid

Alignment: Principled
Disposition: Good-natured
From: Hurr'orr, aka Quetzalcoatl, 61 Cygni A system

IQ: 12 Perception: +1
ME: 12
MA: 10
PS: 26 Lift: 100 lbs. Carry: 1,040 lbs.
PP: 15
PE: 24
PB: 11
Spd: 50
HP: 73
SDC: 250
AR: 15
MDC: 333
PPE: 11
HF: 13

Money: 76,004.5
Black Market: CR 0
Salary: 10,000/mo

Natural Abilities:
Keen sense of smell
Track by scent: 60%
OCC Skills:
Language: K'Hissh: 98%
Language: K'Hissh Battle Language: 98%
Language: Trade Five: 90%
Literacy: K'Hissh: 80%
Radio: Basic: 75%
Military Etiquette: 80%
Pilot: Hovercycle: 98%
Pilot: Jet Fighter: 80%
Pilot: Jet Fighter Combat: Basic
Pilot: Space Fighter/Starfighter: 100%
Pilot: Space Fighter Combat: Elite: Katana Tactical Space Fighter
Pilot: Space Fighter Combat: Elite: Hrrok'tar Assault Fighter
Pilot: Space Fighter Combat: Basic
Aerial Navigation: 80%
Instrument Rating: 80%
Navigation: Space: 98%
Read Sensory Equipment: 80%
Weapon Systems: 85%
Basic Math: 85%
Computer Operation: 80%
W.P.: Energy Pistol
W.P.: Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Expert
Ranged Combat: Infantry
W.P.: Paired Weapons
OCC Related Skills:
Advanced Math: 80%
Electrical Engineering: 65%
Mechanical Engineering: 65%
Spacecraft Mechanics: 57%
Veritech Mechanics: 55%
Literacy: American: 45%
Secondary Skills:
Gardening, professional: 75%
Electronic Countermeasures: 60%
First Aid: 75%
Astronomy: 55%
Armorer: 70%
Navigation: FTL: 30%
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 5
Strike: +2
Parry: +3
Dodge: +3
Roll w/ Impact: +2
Pull Punch: +2
Damage: +11
Bite: 1D4 M.D.
Fore Claws: 1D6 M.D.
Rear Claws: 4D6 M.D.
Tail: 2D6+6 M.D.
Critical: Natural 18, 19, or 20
Ranged Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 5
w/ Energy Pistol: +5 aimed, +3 burst, +2 wild
w/ Energy Rifle: +5 aimed, +3 burst, +2 wild
Burst Damage Multiples:
Short: x2
Medium: x4
Long: x6
Imposed Dodge Penalty:
Energy: -4
Conventional: -2
Rapid Reload
Critical: Natural 18, 19, 20
Elite Starfighter Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 8
Strike: +5
Dodge: +11
Dogfighting: +3
Starfighter Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 7
Strike: +5
Dodge: +9
Dogfighting: +1
Jet Fighter Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 6
Strike: +2
Dodge: +5
Dogfighting: +1
Saving Throws:
vs. Coma/Death: +18%
vs. Poison: +5
vs. Magic: +5
vs. Horror Factor: +3
Two uniforms
First aid kit
2 weeks rations
Infrared distancing binoculars
Pocket laser distancer
Handheld computer
NG-S2 Survival Pack
Universal Translator
English Primer
KSF Jumpsuit
MDC: 25
Damage: 2D6 SDC

HI-30 Laser Pistol
Damage: 2D6 MDC
Range: 1000 ft.
Payload: 20 shots
Ammo: 4 E-clips

HI-50 Laser Rifle
Damage: 3D6+6 MDC single shot, 1D6x10+10 MDC per triple shot burst
Range: 2000 ft.
Payload: 30 shots
Ammo: 4 E-Clips

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