Status: Inactive
System: Shadowrun (3e)

Fletch was my third Shadowrun character. I never did get to use him that often, but I did loan him out to others on occasion.

I'd originally intended Fletch to be a Green Arrow-style Shadowrun character, but during the build he swiftly turned into a surveillance expert.

Real Name: Jonothan Pratt
Race: Ork

Age: 21
From: Seattle Ork Underground
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 95 kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned

Parents were shadowrunners who managed to retire with enough cash to put him through college. His parents were killed en route to the graduation ceremony by old enemies of theirs who managed to track 'em down, a corp they hurt big-time by either heisting something or killing someone very important. Using the name Fletch, he's taken to the shadows to find information on who killed his folks and bring them to justice. Rumors indicate the corporation that killed his folks was Shiawase (GM's discretion as to whether those rumors are true or false).

Body: 6
Quickness: 5
Strength: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 3
Essence: 4.26
Magic: 0
Reaction: 5
Total Karma: 3
Money: 16,395
Initiative: 1d6+5

College Education (+1)
TN for academic knowledge skills:
+1 for defaulting to skill
+2 for defaulting to specialization
+3 for defaulting to attribute.
Toughness (+3)
+1 Body for damage resistance tests.
Pacifist (-2)
Never kills, save in self-defense.
Gremlins, Level 2 (-2)
When the character uses a device, roll 2d6. On a 2, the device ceases to function. A hard punch (Simple Action) brings it back to life.
Dice Pools:
Good Karma: 3
Karma Pool: 1
Combat Pool: 6
SmartLink (Alphaware)
Commlink[Radio/Phone] (Rating 3, Alphaware)
Subvocal Microphone (Alphaware)
Cyberears (Alphaware)
Dampener (Alphaware)
Hearing Amplification (Alphaware)
Recorder (Alphaware)
Cybereyes (Alphaware)
Camera (Alphaware)
Image Link (Alphaware)
Low-Light (Alphaware, replaces inherent vision)
Opticam (Alphaware)
Electric Magnification (Rating 2, Alphaware)
Datajack (Alphaware)
Memory (60 Mp, Alphaware)
Active Skills:
Athletics 6
Demolitions 5
Electronics 5
Electronics B/R 5
Etiquette 4
Intimidation 3
Negotiation 3
Projectile Weapons (Bows) 4(6)
Projectile Weapons B/R 5
Stealth 5
Unarmed 3
Knowledge Skills:
Chemistry 5
Engineering 5
Physics 5
Redmond Barrens 5
Seattle Ork Underground 5
Language Skills:
English 4
R/W 2
Japanese 3
R/W 1
4 sets ordinary clothing
Electronics Kit
Binoculars, Mag 50x
Pocket Flashlight
Micro-Transceiver (Rating 2)
Vidlink Transmitter (Rating 2)
Broadcast Decryption (Rating 3)
ECCM (Rating 2)
Tridlink Adaptor
Laser Microphone (Rating 2)
Signal Locator (Rating 8)
Tracking Signal (Rating 8)
Voice Identifier (Rating 1)
Bug Scanner (Rating 4)
White Noice Generator (Rating 2)
Pocket Secretary
Video Playback Unit
Ranger-X Bow
Min. Str: 5
Damage: 9M
Accessory: Bow Accessory Mount
Accessory: Smartlink, external
48 Normal Arrows
10 Barbed Arrows (Biotech [8] to remove)
10 Explosive Arrows (10M)
10 EX Explosive Arrows (11M)
10 Hammerhead Arrows (7M Stun)
10 Incendiary Arrows (cause 5L at the end of every turn)
10 Screamer Arrows (signal)
Secure Jacket
Ballistic: 5
Impact: 3
Low: Ork Underground
Squ: Redmond Barrens
Squ: Ork Underground
Jimmy, Street Informer
Level: 1
Jimmy is a young ork who bounces back and forth between the Ork Underground and the Redmond Barrens, who tends to keep his eyes and ears open to everything going on around him.

Max, Fixer/Supplier
Level: 1
Max is a human who has become Fletch's primary fixer and source of high-tech goodies.

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