Status: Inactive
System: BESM 3e

Donar was brought in to what was meant to be a super-robot game heavily influenced by super-robot anime. I was kinda drafted into the game; super-robot anime is not my thing. The GM insisted on making the mech more "super-robot", as I had originally described it being closer in both size and layout to the classic Mechwarrior Timber Wolf mech.

Donar is another character I developed in one system and then had converted to another; this time because I didn't grok BESM's system (I still don't, particularly how to scale intended damages). In this case, I cooked up a rudimentary GURPS character and asked someone familiar with both systems for aid. I think, in this case, we hit a closer match than with prior attempts. We were also given 400 points to play with four our mechs; I think I went four sessions without knowing what his mech's stats were. The game died when ... you guessed it! The GM went net.dead for a time. At last notice, the GM still has not yet reappeared.

Would I play Donar again? Perhaps. He had the wide-eyed wonder of someone sheltered who is finally venturing into "someplace else", as well as the take-charge attitude when in the field. The latter is kind of essential for games I'm it, it seems, as a lot of folks decide to be followers rather than leaders.

Gender: Male
From: Silicon Valley, California
Native Language: English
Age: undetermined, looks 18
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Physical Description:
Donar is a young man who appears to be in his late teens or early twenties, with pale blue eyes and bright, almost coppery, red hair he keeps cropped in a military crew cut. He wears a grey utilitarian jumpsuit when not suited up in his mech's pilot suit.
Donar tends to be a loner; this is primarily due to his upbringing in a research facility than any conscious choice on his part. He honestly does not know how to interact with people on a social level. During missions in the field, though, he is known to be calculating, almost ruthless, when completing the mission goals. He has been raised to believe that the ends justify the means, and that means that sometimes people, even civilians, will have to be sacrificed if it means serving the greater good.
Donar is a "tubie", a genetically-engineered being born in a petrie dish and grown to term in a "womb with a view." He is considered the only "success" in his batch; the exact numbers and final fates of his "siblings" are unknown.
Donar's own electrokinetic abilities are amplified by his mecha, a humanoid form mech named Mjolner.
Body: 6 [60]
Mind: 6 [60]
Soul: 4 [40]
Calculated Values:
HP: 50
EP: 50
SV: 10
ACV: 5
DCV: 5
Damage Multiplier: 5

Starting Points: 250
Spent Points: 247
Defect Points: -10
Unspent Points: 18

Computer Scanning 2 [8]
Stat: Mind
Range: 1 meter
Damage Absorption - Charging 2 [20]
Electrical Attacks
Stat: Body
Feeds: EP
Electro-Shock: [5]
Weapon 3
Penetrating 2
Range: 10 meters
Deplete 1
Alternative Attack
Lightning Bolt: [11]
Weapon 4
Penetrating 2
Range: 100 meters
Deplete 1
Massive Damage (Mecha Weapons) 1 [8]
Ranged Attack 1 [3]
Ranged Defense 1 [3]
Shocking Grasp [4]
Weapon 3
Penetrating 2
Deplete 1
Alternative Attack
Ism 1 (Test-Tube Baby, 'Tubie') [-2]
Owned 2 (by GeneTech, corp that made him) [-4]
Special Requirement 2 (Special drug needed daily) [-4]
Computers (Electronic Warfare) 2 [4]
Driving (Mecha; Motorcycle; AFV) 3 [7]
Electronics (Communications; Computers; Robotics) 2 [5]
Languages 3 (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hindi) [3]
Mechanics (Armourer) 3 [6]
Military Sciences (Hardware Recognition) 2 [4]
Piloting (Mecha) 4 [8]
Sports (Dodgeball) 1


Points Spent: 390
Points Unspent: 10

Armour 50 [100]
Armor Rating 100
Attack Combat Mastery 4 [40]
Combat Technique:
Far Shot [2]
Multiple Targets [2]
Precise Aim [2]
Defense Combat Mastery 4 [40]
Feature: Swappable Weapon Hands [1]
Jumping 2 [4]
10x Normal Distance
Land Speed 6 [12]
Speed: 250 kph
Ranged Attack (Mech Weaponry) 3 [6]
Special Defenses
Freezing Cold 2 [4]
Freezing Water 2 [4]
Low Pressure 1 [2]
High Pressure 1 [2]
SuperStrength 4 [32]
Damage Modifier: +4
Lifting: 8 tonnes
SuperSense: Radar 4 [8]
Range: 10 km
Missile Launchers:
Damage 25 [50] - 155 total
Homing 3 [3]
Autofire [3]
Ammo 1 [-1]
Stoppable [-1]
Range 3 (1 km) [3]
Area of Effect 3 (10 m) [3]
Particle Beam Rifle
Damage 25 [50] - 155 total
Range 2 (100 m) [2]
Autofire [3]
Damage 20 [40] - 125 total
Range 1 (10 m) [1]
Deplete [-1]
Insidious [5]
Concentration 2 [-4]
Awkward Size 3 [-12]
Conditional Ownership 2 [-2]
Sensory Impairment: Sense of Smell [-3]
Weak Point: Knee Joints [-4]

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