Status: Retired
System: Originally freeform; successful Ninjas & Superspies conversion.

Arsenal was my first real character ever used in a role-play scenario. When I first got online back in '93 or '94, I got involved with a "shared universe" newsgroup, alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die. Yes, I was one of the Barney-bashers. Arsenal was my net.handle at the time, and the character that slowly evolved to become my online "alter ego" bore that name.

I'd received the handle while serving in the Air Force. While in Basic Training, sometime in September of 1990, on the firing range a buddy and I ended up shooting at each others' targets. He ended up with the moniker "Terminator", and I ended up as "Arsenal".

Over time, Arsenal's history started to flesh itself out. At the same time, I became dissatisfied with him. Writing for him was no longer fun, especially when ideological differences popped up with others on ab4d. Not long after an "Operation", ab4d's version of a "campaign", I left the group. That left Arsenal effectively homeless.

Oddly enough, it was at this same time that I was getting more and more into GMing... first Rifts (and other Palladium products) and later GURPS. I decided to try and convert Ars into a system. I managed to get a somewhat decent conversion of him done in the Palladium system, using their Ninjas & Superspies book and borrowing skills from Rifts and other games. Then I tried to do him in GURPS (3e), limiting myself to 500 points. Not Possible. The closest I came was 750 points in GURPS, and I'm nowhere near satisfied with it.

After I'd converted him to N&SS, I had the opportunity to play him in a standard RP setting. GMly handwaving landed him on Rifts Earth, where we had a good run. However, when the GM went net.dead, the game collapsed. (That happens a lot, apparently.)

Having decided while trying the GURPS conversion that Arsenal was a bona-fide Marty Stu, I've retired the character. The chances of my playing him again are slim, but I've included him here because he had the longest run (close to 10 years).

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Real Name: Ted Brock

OCC: Commando Mercenary
Experience Level: 8
Exp: 41,600
Needed: 55,400

Gender: Male
From: Pennsylvania
Native Language: English
Age: 35
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black. Length varies, but tends to get "wilder" as it gets longer.
Other Distinguishing Features: Arsenal has the look of a hardened soldier about him. He wears whatever is suitable for the job at hand. He is commonly seen nowadays with a persistent "5 o'clock shadow".

Alignment: Aberrant, was Scrupulous
Disposition: With the recent loss of his daughter, Arsenal has become colder, alienating friends and comrades alike. Arsenal doesn't care if he lives or dies anymore.

Money: 1,762,550 CR
Black Market: 3,000 CR

IQ: 12
ME: 15
MA: 10
PS: 22 Lift: 440 lbs. Carry: 220 lbs.
PP: 19
PE: 23
PB: 10
Spd: 31 Run: mph: 20 ft/melee: 51.6
HP: 31
SDC: 39
ISP: 48
PPE: 7

Obsessed with avenging his daughter's death.
Has suffered an alignment reversal with his daughter's death.
Nanite Immune System
Can repair 3D6 HP/SDC per melee round
Immediately neutralizes poisons
Fatigues 1/3 normal rate
Ages 1/3 normal rate
Scholastic Skills:
Basic Math: 98%
Language: American: 98%
Literacy: American: 98%
Basic Miliary Program:
Climbing: 98%/75%
Demolitions: 96%
Demolitions Disposal: 96%
Read Sensory Equipment: 90%
WP: Assault Rifle
WP: Grenade
Combat Aircraft Program:
Jet Aircraft Mechanics: 90%/80%
Pilot: Jet Fighter: 98%
Pilot: Combat Helicopter: 98%
Pilot: Jet: 98%
Pilot: Air-to-Air Combat: 122%
Instrument Rating: 90%
Aerial Navigation: 90%
Weapon Systems: 89%
WP: Flamethrower
WP: Infantry Missiles
WP: Vehicle Mounted Weapons
Guerilla Warfare Program:
Detect Ambush: 98%
Detect Concealment: 90%
Land Navigation: 94%
Tracking: 85%
Wilderness Survival: 90%
WP: Bow
WP: Crossbow
WP: Large Sword
WP: Pistol
Information Gathering Program:
Computer Networks: 98%
Computer Operation: 98%
Cryptography: 95%
Laser Communications: 90%
Microfilm/Microfiche/Microdot: 94%
Microwave Communications: 90%
Radio: Basic: 98%
Radio: Scramblers: 65%
Science Program:
Biology: 90%
Chemistry: 98%
Analytical Chemistry: 95%
Advanced Math: 98%
Hand to Hand: Assassin
WP: Knife
WP: Small Thrown
WP: Paired
Secondary Skills:
Pilot: Automobile: 98%/98%
Pilot: Motorcycle: 78%
Pilot: Airplane: 88%
Swimming: 98%
Computer Programming: 75%
Basic Electronics: 75%
Robot/Power Armor Combat: Basic
Pilot: Motorboat: 64%
Extra Rifts-Earth Skills: (as per the Conversion Book)
WP: Energy Pistol
WP: Energy Rifle
Carpentry: 35%
Identify Plants/Fruits: 35%
Escape Artist: 35%
Sixth Sense
Duration: Until the danger passes or happens
ISP Cost: 2
Range: 90 ft/27.4 m
Bonuses (first melee of danger only):
+6 to initiative
+2 to parry
+3 to dodge

Mind Block
Duration: 80 minutes
ISP Cost: 4
Range: Self
Bonuses: +1 vs. psychic/mental attacks
Combat Bonuses:
Attacks/Melee: 7
Rate of Fire:
w/ Bow: 6 per melee
w/ Crossbow: 4 per melee
w/ Thrown: 8 per melee
Initiative: +1
Strike: +4
w/ Assault Rifle: +5 aimed, +3 burst, +2 wild
w/ Bow: +5
w/ Crossbow: +3
w/ Energy Pistol: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Energy Rifle: +3 aimed, +1 burst
w/ Flamethrower: +3
w/ Grenade: +3
w/ Infantry Missile: +5 aimed, +2 wild
w/ Knife: +3
w/ Pistol: +5 aimed, +6 revolver, +3 burst, +2 wild
w/ Sword: +3
w/ Thrown: +2
w/ Thrown Knife: +1
w/ Vehicle Mounted Weapon: +5 aimed, +3 burst, +2 wild
when Sniping: +2
Parry: +7
w/ Bow: +1
w/ Knife: +3
w/ Sword: +4
in Water: +1
Dodge: +7
in Water: +1
Entangle: +2
Roll w/ Impact: +5
Pull Punch: +3
Damage: +11
KO/Stun: Natural 18, 19, or 20
Basic Robot Combat:
Attacks/Melee: 8
Strike: +6
Parry: +8
Dodge: N/A
Roll w/ Impact: +6
Pull Punch: +3
Basic Power Armor Combat:
Attacks/Melee: 8
Strike: +6
Parry: +8
Dodge: +8, +10 flying
Roll w/ Impact: +7
Pull Punch: +3
KO/Stun: Natural 18, 19, or 20
Saving Throws:
vs. Coma/Death: +12%
vs. Poisons/Toxins: automatic (see Cybernetics)
vs. Magic: +4
vs. Horror Factor: +4
All: +1 (thanks to the rune blade)
2 sets medium-weight BDUs
Battle Jacket, camo
1 set Dress Clothes
1 set Black Clothes
Sunglasses, light-adjusting
10 Camo Paint Kits, personal
Combat boots
NG-S2 Survival Pack
2 1 pt. canteens
Combat Rations, 1 crate (12 meals)
Gas mask & air filter
Web Belt, w/ holster, 2 ammo clips, & accessory pouches
Assault Rifle Case
Field Gun Cleaning Kit
Gun Repair Kit
Night-Sight, weapon mount, 1,600 ft. range
Thermo-Imager, weapon mount, 1,600 ft. range
Telescopic Weapon Sight, 1,600 ft. range
Infrared Distancing Binoculars, 2 mi. range
Amplified Sound Detector; triples human hearing range
Bug Detector
Radar Signal Detector; 4 mile range
Mini-Radar, 5 mi. range
Portable Explosives Detector, 3 ft. range
Rappelling Equipment
Large Flashlight
Rechargeable, unbreakable flashlight
Basic Hardware Kit
EECBA-4 Excalibur Environmental Combat Body Armor
MDC: 50
Laser-Resistant: Lasers do 1/2 damage
4 Throwing Knives
Damage: 1d6 SDC

Combat Bush Knife
Damage: 1d6 SDC

Damage: 2d6+3 SDC, or 1d6 MDC

Composite Long Bow
Damage: by arrow
Range: 700 ft.
24 regular arrows (2d6 SDC)
12 Light Explosive arrows (1d6x10 SDC)
12 Medium Explosive arrows (1d6 MDC)
12 Heavy Explosive arrows (2d6 MDC)
12 High Explosive arrows (3d6 MDC)
6 Tear Gas arrows (10 ft radius)
6 Sleeping Gas arrows (10 ft radius)
6 Nerve Gas arrows (10 ft radius)
6 Smoke arrows (20 ft radius)
6 Flare arrows (60 sec duration)
6 Neural Disruptor arrows (same as neural mace)
6 Tracer Bug arrows (2d6 SDC, 8 mi radio signal, 72 hrs)

Crossbow, rifle stock with scope
Damage: 2d6
Range: 700 ft.
Cost: $1,200
24 regular bolts (2d6 SDC)
12 Light Explosive bolts (1d6x10 SDC)
12 Medium Explosive bolts (1d6 MDC)
12 Heavy Explosive bolts (2d6 MDC)
12 High Explosive bolts (3d6 MDC)
6 Tear Gas bolts (10 ft radius)
6 Sleeping Gas bolts (10 ft radius)
6 Nerve Gas bolts (10 ft radius)
6 Smoke bolts (20 ft radius)
6 Flare bolts (60 sec duration)
6 Neural Disruptor bolts (same as neural mace)
6 Tracer Bug bolts (2d6 SDC, 8 mi radio signal, 72 hrs)

Colt M1911
Cartridge: .45 ACP
Damage: by round
PV: 4 (may break bone)
Range: 165 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single shot only
Feed: 7 round detachable box mag
14 clips regular ammo (4d6 SDC)
14 clips ramjet ammo (3d6x10 SDC or 1 MDC)

M-16A2 Assault Rifle
Cartridge: 5.56mm NATO
Damage: by round
PV: 6 (shatters bone, wood, goes through 1/4 inch armor plate steel)
Range: 1,320 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single shot, 3-round burst, full auto
Feed: 30 round box mag
6 clips regular ammo (5d6 SDC)
6 clips ramjet ammo (3d6 x 10 SDC, or 1 MDC)

M203 40mm Rifle-Mounted Grenade Launcher
Damage: by grenade
Blast Radius: 12 ft.
Range: 1150 ft.
Rate of Fire: Single shot
100 US 40mm grenades (1d6 x 10 SDC)
50 NG rifle grenades (4d6 MDC)

Ebony Blade (a greater rune blade)
Note: Runes on the blade are a special type of rune, called "moon letters", which glow crimson only on the night of a new moon. Otherwise, the runes are invisible.
Style: Bastard Sword
IQ: 10
Damage: 4d6 MDC
Alignment: Anarchist (doesn't care who wields it)
Soul-Drinker: target gets to save vs. soul-drinking (14+ saves)
Elemental Magic: 4 spells daily
Blue Flame (cold damage)
Range: 60 ft. area
Duration: 6 minutes
Damage: 6d6 MDC
Saving Throw: Standard
Range: 150 ft
Duration: 6 melees
Damage: 3d6 MDC
Saving Throw: Dodge
Breathe Fire
Range: 14 ft.
Duration: 6 melees
Damage: 2d4 MDC
Saving Throw: Dodge
Bonus: +2 to strike
Fire Ball
Range: 190 ft.
Duration: Instant
Damage: 6d6 MDC
Saving Throw: Dodge of 18+
Healing Abilities:
Heal 2d6 HP, 2d6 SDC, and/or 2d6 MDC; 6x daily
Remove curse: 56% chance, 4x daily
Turn 4d6 dead: 55% chance, 4x daily, 4 hr duration
Animate/Control 2d6 dead: 64% chance, 4x daily, 4 hr duration

10 US Fragmentation Grenades
Delay: 4 to 5 seconds
Damage: 2d4 x 10 SDC
Blast Radius: 20 ft.

10 US Incendiary Grenades
Damage: 2d4x10+10 SDC (or 1 MDC)
Blast Radius: lethal to 60 ft.; dangerous to 120 ft
Duration: 10 melee rounds

10 NG Fragmentation Grenades
Damage: 2d4 MDC
Blast Radius: 10 ft.

10 NG High Explosive Grenades
Damage: 3d6 MDC
Blast Radius: 3 ft.

10 NG Plasma Grenades
Damage: 4d6 MDC
Blast Radius: 6 ft.

5 Tear Gas Grenades

5 NG Smoke Grenades
Blast Radius: 20 ft.

WI-23 Missile Launcher
Damage: varies with missile
Rate of Fire: single shots
Range: 1 mile
Payload: 6 missiles per magazine
1 magazine of High Explosive
Damage: 5d6 MDC
Blast Radius: 5 ft.
Cost: $6,000
1 magazine of Fragmentation
Damage: 5d6 MDC
Blast Radius: 20 ft.
Cost: $6,000
1 magazine of Armor Piercing
Damage: 1d4 x 10 MDC
Blast Radius: 3 ft.
Cost: $13,200
1 magazine of Plasma
Damage: 1d6 x 10 MDC
Blast Radius: 15 ft.
Cost: $13,200
Excalibur Cybercycle
Model: Azrael (essentially same as VR-041 Saber Cyclone)
Crew: 1
MDC by Location in Cycle Mode:
Headlight (front): 2
Front Tire: 2
Rear Tire: 2
Storage Box (2): 2
Rocket Thrusters (rear): 50
Main Body: 200
MDC by Location in Power Armor Mode:
Tires (2): 2
Rocket Thrusters (rear, lower back): 50
Forearm Shields (2): 50 each
Legs (2): 100 each
Head: 50
Main Body: 200
Cycle: 210 mph max, 80 mph cruising; 150 mph max if running on gasoline
Armor, running: 60 mph
Armor, flying: 180 mph, not possible w/ gasoline
Armor, leaping: 20 ft. high/across, unassisted; 100 ft. high/across w/ thruster assist
Armor: 7 ft
Cycle: 3.6 ft
Armor: 3.4 ft
Cycle: 1.6 ft
Armor: 3.1 ft.
Cycle: 5 ft.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Cargo: two 10 x 20 x 18 inch boxes, detatchable.
Power Plant: nuclear, with a 20 year life; backup gasoline engine
Range: unlimited w/ nuclear; 200 miles gasoline
Weapon Systems:
Ion Blades
Primary Purpose: Hand to Hand Combat
Secondary Purpose: Clandestine Operations
Range: Melee only
Slash: 2d6 MDC
Punch: 3d6 MDC
Power Punch: 6d6 MDC (2 attacks)
MDC: 50 when retracted, unlimited when active
Bonus: +2 to parry
Note: Can parry energy blasts on an unmodified roll
Front/Shoulder Mini-Missile Launchers
Missile Type: Varies
Damage: varies with missile type
Payload: 12
Rate of Fire: 1, 2, 4, 6, or all 12 at once.
Range: 1 mile
Computer Targeting System
Adds +2 to strike w/ missiles
Adds +1 to strike w/ other weapons
Utility Van (modified)
Crew: 1, room for 1 passenger
MDC by Location:
Reinforced Passenger Compartment: 50
Main Body: 200
Tires (4): 3 ea.
Max: 120 mph
Cruise: 70 mph
Power Source: Nuclear
Ejection Seat
Smoke Screen
Radar System: 25 mile range
AM/FM/8-Track/Cassette/CD/MP3 stereo
Oil Slick
Vehicle Caltrops
Ram Prow
Vehicle Active Suspension (+15% to pilot rolls)
Night Sight Camera/Monitor: 2000 ft. range
Trailer Hitch
Internal Mounts for Excalibur Cybercycle
Winch cable
Arsenal has had a long and illustrious past, even before joining the Jihad.
Ted Brock enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school. In his second year of service, he transfered to the Navy to undergo SEAL training. After graduating the training, he finished his enlistment as part of a SEAL team. It was as a SEAL that he first gained the moniker "Arsenal".
Choosing not to reenlist, Ted tried his hand at college, majoring in computer science. College proved harder than he'd expected, but he managed to pass most of his courses. While at college he fell in love with a fellow student by the name of Kim Sloan.
Ted's college life was cut short when he volunteered for an experiment being performed by the university's quantum physics department; a time travel experiment. During the experiment, designed to send him a mere 5 minutes into the future, there was a malfunction in the equipment that sent him back in time to Camelot.
Arsenal has mentioned in passing the people he met at Camelot, although he never mentions how he met them, or how much he interacted with them. Among the people he's named to date are King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Sir Kay, Sir Percy of Scandia, and Merlin the Magician. It is known that Ted spent some time in Camelot's kitchens, which accounts for his knowing Sir Kay, before being made a squire to Sir Percy of Scandia by Merlin. Also unclear is the amount of time Ted spent in Camelot. Ted has even hinted that he first encountered the HellWyrm B'Harnie in that time period, although he is reluctant to divulge the circumstances surrounding this event. What is known is that Ted was fighting alongside the knights during the civil war that brought about Camelot's downfall when he was again pulled into the timestream.
Arsenal has mentioned that the second time trip was "involuntary", and that he felt like some outside force was guiding his journey. To date, the reason and entity responsible, if any, is unknown to all, although Arsenal has his suspicions.
Ted arrived in the late 23rd Century, only to be captured by a force calling itseld the Purple Alliance. During his imprisonment, he was subjected to all sorts of mental and physical torture, including 48-hour "Barney and Friends" marathons. He was eventually freed after an undertermined amount of time by a group calling itself the Jihad Underground. The Jihad Underground was an offshoot of an organization of the late 20th Century called the Jihad to Destroy Barney the Purple Dinosaur. This organization was the only opposition to a demon known as B'Harnie the HellWyrm, who eventually succeeded in total domination of the earth. The actual events leading to the Jihad's defeat are as yet unknown.
While in the 23rd Century, Ted started using his old SEAL moniker "Arsenal" while on raids. It was also at this time that he became involved with a woman named Renata.
Arsenal eventually got the chance to return to his home time period when the Jihad Underground cell he was with raided a laboratory dealing with the HellWyrm's experiments in time travel. Donning a temporal backpack programmed to within a few days of his original departure, he bid the Jihad Underground goodbye, not without a few regrets of having left a job unfinished.
Unknown to Ted, Renata was pregnant with his daughter, Twaeila, when he left. It wasn't until Twaeila was thirteen that she and Arsenal first met.
Arriving back in his home time period, Ted found that he was considered legally deceased. While attempting to rectify this situation, he renewed contact with a friend of his from SEAL training, Lt. Marlene Montano, who was then working for the CIA. Ironically, Lt. Montano's branch of the CIA was waging its own covert war against the HellWyrm. After an hour of negotiations, a deal was struck. Arsenal would receive initial funding for his own war from the CIA's dummy corporations and the Navy Discretionary Fund. In return, Arsenal would follow up on any leads Lt. Montano would toss his way.
At first, Arsenal acted as a solo agent for the Jihad, striking when needed, then fading back into the woodwork. Despite this, he managed to earn the friendship and respect of several early Jihaddi, including Solar Warrior, J-Rock, and Windigo the Feral.
In time, however, Arsenal found the strain of being a solo Jihaddi taking its toll. To this end, he formed an organization he called the Blood Jihad. The Blood Jihad operated like a full-fledged military, and even included a highly-capable space fleet.
During the incident known as Operation WorldWalk, changes to the timestreams resulted in major changes in the previously-mentioned history. What is written aboveis how Arsenal remembers them, although after WorldWalk there was no one in the CIA who remembered him, or even knew of the HellWyrm's existance. It was as if he was living in a timeline where a different Arsenal had existed.
During an operation in Argentina, Arsenal came face to face with his daughter, who had traveled back in time to find him. At this point, unable to find a way to return to the 23rd Century, Arsenal retired from active service in the Jihad.
For a time, Ted and Twaeila lived happy lives. Then, one day, nearly two years after he'd retired, his past came back to haunt him. Twaeila was kidnapped by B'harnate forces under the command of Mikie Crawford. In return for her safe return, Crawford demanded that Arsenal turn the Ebony Blade over to him.
In the ensuing chaos, Twaeila was killed by Crawford, pushed out the top window of an 80 story building. This has driven Arsenal over the edge; now, he lives only for revenge. "Mikie must die. All else is irrelevant," is his new motto. (Despite this, he still has a soft spot for children.)
When tracking Crawford in his battle van, Arsenal followed Crawford into a rift, emerging near Tolkeen. From there, he swung northeast, to Northern Gun, for acclimation to the world he'd found himself in, and for better armaments.
In his heart, he knows Crawford's out there somewhere, and can't wait for the opportunity to take his revenge.

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