Webcomics I Like

Good Clean Fun

8-Bit Theatre One of the first sprite-comics, and the only one to never undergo an art upgrade for the characters. A bunch of villains con their way into being mistaken for heroes, and along the way manage to actually do good despite racking up a massive body count of their victims and stealing everything in sight. Wizards, Warriors, and Rules-Lawyering, with a garnish of stabbity death and sword-chucks.

Anti-Hero For Hire A fairly decent melding of both the cyberpunk and superhero genres.

Bruno the Bandit One of the first (and best) comics to mix a standard fantasy setting with modern references and conveniences.

Candi A newer webcomic, done by an art student about an art student. Clean artwork, mostly character-driven story arcs. The characters are mostly believable, but it's kind of lacking something.

Casey and Andy This must be the only webcomic to have a GURPS supplement made for it (available at e23. A comic by mad scientists for mad scientists about mad scientists. The title characters are 21st-century mad scientists dabbling in time and dimension travel, instantaneous cloning, and increasingly complex apocalyptic doomsday devices. Apart from that, they live in suburbia with their girlfriends, Mary and Satan. Yes, that Satan. (Voted sexiest source of pure evil in comicdom).

College Roomies From Hell!!! One of the longest-running webcomics in existence, and still going strong with no end in sight. It's archives have story arcs listed by how weird things get... and they get pretty darn weird indeed.

Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures From the RP madness that is Furcardia, wherein dwell the really bad freeform role-players Gah! The orbs! The tressesses! Make it go away!. AHEM! Yeah, 'nuff said. The strip itself is better.

Dungeon Crawl, Inc. One of the webcomics based on a popular computer game: Neverwinter Nights. At first, it started as a collection of screenshots, but changed over to artwork halfway through, and has only gotten better because of it.

El Goonish Shive Again, one webcomic that runs quite high on the Weirdometer, but always with a light-hearted side to things. Besides, it's the only one to feature both a were-squirrel and a demonic duck.

Gaming Guardians I just started reading this one, so I'm still not sure what to think. It looks like it has potential, though. Nice, clean artwork.

Joyce and Walky The sequel to both Roomies! and It's Walky!, and features the day to day hijinks of Joyce and David Walkerton as they return to college following the collapse of SEMME, although it's been hinted that the Head Alien lurks in the shadows.

Krakow Studios Not much I can say about this one, honestly.

No Room For Magic A new weekly webcomic that looks like it has potential, but I'm not sure where it's going yet. The title character has the name Magic, has an elf princess for a mother, Santa Claus for an uncle, and a monster-slayer-in-training for a brother.

Marilith Follow the assassin known as Marilith and her teenage partner (and former kidnapping victim) as they attempt to retire to Argentina, with both the authorities and another assassin after them.

Order of the Stick A fantasy-style comic done using large-headed stick figures, based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Gags, fourth-wall demolition, and an ambiguously gendered elf wizard... what's not to like?

Schlock Mercenary The adventures and misadventures of a far future mercenary unit, Tagon's Toughs, after taking on the amorphous killing machine known as Schlock. Remember Rule 37: There is no "Overkill"; there is only "Open fire" and "Time to reload."

Shortpacked By the same artist who does Joyce and Walky, Shortpacked is about the people who work at a toy store for a living. In many ways, it is also a sequel to It's Walky!, as two other characters from IW! are regulars.

Sinfest One of the all-time classics. Despite the name, not much "sinning" goes on, although the Devil is one of the main characters. It sometimes borders on propoganda, but I can't tell if it's pro-Christian or anti-Christian when it does.

Striptease Despite the name, none of the characters are strippers. The name comes from the fact that the main characters work in the comic book industry. One of the more serious strips currently available, although it wasn't always.

Tang's Weekly Comics The weekly "clean" comic done by Tang Ho. This one is actually pretty good, although I will tack a "PG-13" rating to it, as it does handle some mature themes and is clearly geared for a more sexually open-minded audience.

Wapsi Square I've only recently gotten into reading this one, so I'm still trying to figure it out. The artwork is nice, though, and most of the characters don't seem like they're the two-dimensional.

WTF Comics Again, one of the webcomics based on a popular computer game; this time, it's EverQuest. Damn good artwork, intriguing characters, and a captivating storyline; all good stuff.

Zebra Girl One of the best weekly comics out there, in my opinion. The title character is a simple human girl who has accidentally been turned into a demon. All in all, quite well done.

Comics That Have Ended

Expoitation Now! One of those comics that must be read to be believed. Features a porn star and a perverted moogle, at least until they're replaced by the porn star's homicidal kid sister and a teenage criminal mastermind.

Fans! The exploits of the Science Fiction Club of a particular college, which go well beyond those of the norm. It had a pretty good run, but you need to subscribe to Graphic Smash to read the archives... which I have not yet.

Filthy Lies One of those comics that pokes fun at politics, religion, and whatever else is popular at the time. Not for those who get riled easily. Rated "R".

Sexy Losers It is my belief that almost all adult-themed comics speak for themselves. This one certainly does. Rated "X" for full-frontal nudity of both sexes and blatant sexual escapades.

Not So Clean Fun
Reader Beware

Hot Cake Theater If you're looking for sexually-oriented gags, they're here. And as this is hosted by Slipshine, you can be guaranteed that some of them go beyond raunchy. Rated "X".

Tang's Adult Vision The more adult webcomic done by Tang Ho, although it does have an entertaining story behind it. Unlike most adult comics, it is not just sexually-oriented gags (although he does use them). Because of the artist's preferences, this one is rated "NC-17" as opposed to "X". Yes, there is a difference.