Hellstorm Title

Growing up, Daimon Hellstrom believed he was an orphan and only child. Finding his calling at an early age, or so he believed, he was a student at a Roman Catholic seminary working towards his ordaining as a priest when he discovered he'd inherited an estate in Boston. Taking a leave of absence from the seminary to find out more about his heritage, he learned a deadly secret: his father was none other than Satan, and his long-lost sister was a succubus who fed on the life forces of mortals.

Faced with this knowledge, Daimon rejected joining his father and swore to oppose him in any way he could. Of course, Satan does not take rejection lightly . . . .

Hellstorm follows Daimon's quest for answers and his pursuit of demonic forces at work in society while attempting to resist the pull of his own demonic birthright.

Dramatis Personae

Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm

Supporting Cast

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Black Widow (Voyant)