Dracula Unleashed Title

For generations, the Van Helsing family has fought in the shadows against the vampires and other supernatural evils of the world. When her cousin Adam is slain in combat with Dracula, lord of the vampires, young Rachel van Helsing realizes the family's mission and legacy falls to her, the last of the line. Fortunately for her, she is not alone, but can the last Van Helsing trust her new allies, or does the team have a traitor in their midst, one who seeks the end of the Van Helsing family?

Dracula Unleashed is a reimagining of the classic Tomb of Dracula, upgraded for the modern times. Twilight fans need not apply. (Stylistically intended to be published in black-and-white.)

Dramatis Personae

Rachel van Helsing
Frank Drake
Hannibal King
Eric Williams/Blade
Taj Nital

Supporting Cast

Rogues Gallery