Code: BLUE Title

New York City has been subjected to waves of superhuman criminals, vigilantes, and adventurers since te 1940s. As such, most police officers have standing orders to let the superhumans duke it out, while attempting to evacuate civilian bystanders so they are not hurt.

Lt. Marcus Stone, however, had an idea: a team of specialists charged with facing down and capturing superhuman criminals, utilizing technology and weapons superior to most other SWAT teams. With the backing of his superior, Captain Shelly Conklin, Lt. Stone gathers his hand-picked team, code-named "Code: BLUE". Their greatest opposition, however, may be a lot less super: bureaucracy.

Code: BLUE is a story of how to deal with the superhuman when you and your fellows are not.

Dramatis Personae

Lt. Marcus Stone.
Daniel "Fireworks" Fielstein
Andrew "Jock" Jackson
Sam "Mother" Majowski
Julius "Mad Dog" Rassatino
Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz

Supporting Cast
Capt. Shelly Conklin

Rogues Gallery